Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I just had to post this.

Holy Crap!

An anonymous person has apparently been paying the Coyotes bill to the City of Glendale. The reports show that the Coyotes haven’t paid their rent for the last seven months but that someone has made deposits for them. When asked, Glendale mayor could only say she was not at liberty to say who was paying.

I heard it on NBC News/Channel 12 so I don't have a link. I was trying to type as I was listening, so I hope I got all the important info!

Warning! Long post. I will give you a cookie if you get through it all!

Sometimes I wonder if our rookies would have done better on another team. I mean Kane and Toews weren’t much bigger than Turris when they went to Chi-town and they excelled. Turris struggled, did well, struggled and eventually was sent down to the AHL. What is the difference? Turris has just as much talent as those two but he couldn’t get it together here. If he had went to Chicago, would he have done well or the same?

This has been on my mind lately as I heard the Rangers fired their head coach this week (I think this makes four so far this season?) and the Suns fired their coach after half a season (immediately after that firing the team went on to have three 140+ point games). Sometimes all a team needs is some shake up in the coaching staff to get in shape because despite what people think, coaches really do affect how the guys (even professionals) play on the ice/field/court/whatever. Why do you think professionals have coaches? Everyone needs pointers, motivation, organization, training etc.. If the coach didn’t play a role in how the guys played, they wouldn’t spend the money on them.

People say Gretzky works well with the rookies, but is he getting the results we need? I would say no. I have seen the rookies struggle and I knew they would struggle a bit but then I look around the league and see other rookies absolutely excelling and it makes me wonder…is Gretzky really the best guy for this team? Look at rookies such as Mason and Clutterbuck. They are doing amazing. There is talks about them winning trophies. There was some talk about Bods at the start of the season, but not anymore. Why? Because his production has dropped off. Why? I can’t say for sure but I have a feeling it’s the coaching.

I say we try a coach-swap. Send Gretzky and his band of misfits, oh I mean All-Stars/HOFers, to SA and bring up their coaching staff. I know SA started off rough but they have really turned that team around (now that at least one of their goalies isn’t playing like crap). They also did really well with the guys last season, leading them into the playoffs. They lost in the first round but at least they made the playoffs.

How come when players come here they get worse (with the exception of Hale but I can’t really say he got better, he just finally got some goals. They would have come eventually no matter where he was) and when they leave, they become amazing for their new teams? I would say this is a direct result of the coaching staffs. I know in some cases it could be the fact that the player just doesn’t get along with someone in the organization, but for it to happen consistently it has to be part of our organization, most likely the coaches.

My other gripe is still the assistant coach. What is he doing for the team? The practices I go to, he just drops the puck for the face offs. I remember one time, Doan was showing Turris how to use his leverage and the Coach was just standing there. I said it when we hired him, it could go either way. And now I see it’s going the wrong way. When Toc was here, he really got in there and forced the guys to do the drill and do it right. He would stop a drill and show them proper positioning (especially in front of the net). Our current coaches don’t do that. They let the drill run and then just talk to the guys. It’s always easier to learn something when someone shows (and places) you in the proper position.

I am not saying fire Gretzky because I know that will not happen. But what about the new assistant coach? He’s not helping that much. What about Ulf? He is the defense coach and well our defense hasn’t always been the best. What about Fuhr? Has he really helped Bryz become the number one goalie we hoped he would be? There are a lot of things that could be done that does not involve firing Gretzky. I do think that the coaching staff needs to not be friends of fill-in-the-blank. That hasn’t worked for the Coyotes in the past, why would you think it works now?

I used to teach dance and the best way to get a person to do it properly was to literally walk over and move their body into the correct position. Also, you needed to repeat the steps over and over again until you get it absolutely perfect. People learn best with hands on and repetition, none of which I am seeing with our coaching staff consistently.
In other news, Dane Crawley was called up to the Aeros (thanks for the scoop ms. Conduct!). The RoadRunners will miss him. He was a great asset to the blue line. He could score, defend the blue line and he wasn’t afraid to be physical. You got to love that in a dman!
And finally the Coyotes lost 2-1 to the Blues. Yah, don’t really want to talk about that. The coyotes decided not to show up for the second and third period.

It appeared that the only person to really show up tonight was Carcillo. He even got them a 4 minute PP and what happens? A turnover that leads to the Blues winning goal a few seconds into the PP.

We need a special teams coach. Can someone bring us one? Tooth fairy? Easter bunny? SOMEONE? ANYONE!?!?!

I missed the first period (as I went to the gym) but I guess Doan scored his 250th career goal. Congrats to him. It was our only goal of the game.

Wow, I really don’t have much to say about this game. I think I have already blocked this out of my mind. It didn’t happen. There was a hockey game tonight? Huh.. Must have missed that.
Up next is Thursday night at Nashville. Then Saturday night the Blues come to Phoenix. I will miss these two games, unless someone knows of a sports bar in DC that will be playing them!!!
And finally Sunday… I get to see my Ballard!!!!! And Ovie. I am so stoked. I am going to probably get my bum kicked as I will cheer like a mad woman for my Ballard, especially if he unleashes one of his hipchecks!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Two wins in a row. I am in awe. With the win over the Kings, we have moved back into the playoff race. We still have a long way to go but these last two games have given us hope. The players are back to playing how they were before the ASG break.

The line of Carcillo-Jokinen-Goertzen has been fantabulous. It has made Jokinen wake up. He got a hat trick against the Kings. I think it’s because he is playing with the two toughest guys and that way he doesn’t need to challenge anyone.

David Hale started off the scoring. Yes you read that right…David Hale. He never had an NHL goal until joining the Coyotes and now he has three. If only he was a better defensemen because apparently we have sparked his offensive side. I mean, he tries really hard and we love him for it but he just doesn’t seem to quite have it.

Overall, it was a very solid effort by the Coyotes. The Kings did attempt some come backs but we were able to hold them off. The final score was 6-3. I can’t tell you how good that felt to get two wins in a row.

My goalie, Jon Quick, was in net for the Kings. I really do like him as a goalie. He has really good movement. He is still young and learning but I can see him going far in the NHL. I had a hard time not cheering for him when he made some amazing saves. He was by far the better goalie on the ice. Bryz just looked uninterested and didn’t challenge the Kings.
In other news, the Sundogs wore black and Coyote red unis yesterday. They were designed to resemble the Coyotes third unis and they do. They look very sharp. They have the Sundogs “S” instead of the flying ferret on it. I like it. I think they should think of making that a permanent part of their team. Oh well, at least they are auctioning them off for charity.
Last night I went to the RoadRunners game. Ashton Rome was back from the AHL and ready to reek some havoc on the Alaska Aces. The RoadRunners won 5-2. It was a great game.

Rome actually got popped by an Ace while celebrating a goal. Talk about a cheap shot! Goalie Kyle Jones really stepped up since Kowalski was loaned out to Norfolk Admirals of the AHL.

There must have been a lot of tension between these two teams as it was a very physical game and the Aces were always doing things after the whistle. We got a nice little line brawl going, sending 3 Aces and 2 RoadRunners to the sin bin. Sisca (I love this kid, he’s listed at 5’9 and is just so feisty!) got 2 min for roughing and Crowley (love him too!) got 5 for fighting. Everyone on the ice was involved. I even thought the goalie might get into it but unfortunately he didn’t.

The best part was the Aces’ jerseys. They had sponsors. On their butts. It was hilarious. We were joking about calling up and asking how much it would cost to get our names on their butts. Classic.
I won’t see a home game until March 14. OMG. That is such a long time for me. I will miss the home game on 2/28 against the Blues. I will be living it up in Washington DC for the Panthers at Caps game.

Anyway, I digress. The next game is Tuesday night at St. Louis Blues. The boys need to keep working hard and not sit back. Every game is going to be a challenge from here on out. We need all the points we can get now, if we still want to make the playoffs. We can’t depend on the other teams in the race losing. We need to win. We need to play hard.

I will probably miss the first period. The game starts at 6:30, AZ time. I am going to go to the gym after work and won’t get home until about 7, unless I can get of work earlier but I doubt it.
Until then… Enjoy the rest of this beautiful Sunday!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

We won? We won?! OMG WE WON!!!!!!!!!

It’s a good thing the boys finally pulled out a win today. And all the haters can’t blame Danny for that one. He got the winning goal in the shootout! And you should have seen the smile that lit up his face. He looked like a lil kid scoring his first goal. It was just too adorable.
Now, I have to be serious here for a bit, so bear with me. What is with all the fan on fan hate? I am not talking about fans of other teams, I am talking about Coyotes fans hating on Coyotes fan for no reason. It’s evident on message boards and comments on AZC, it’s evident at the games. It’s getting ridiculous.

Yesterday a poster on AZC called a group of fans “idiots” because they dance and have a good time at a game. If you want quiet, go to a freaking golf game. I am going to stand up, scream, dance, clap whatever the hell I need to, to cheer on my team. So tonight I looked around and noticed that every section had people dancing in it. Are they all idiots for having a good time? Why do I need to be quiet and serious at a hockey game? That’s how I am at work. When I am done with work I want to do things that are fun, relaxing and relieve stress. Going to a hockey game does all that for me. If you don’t like it, go find another sport to watch. Maybe golf or chess would be more your style?

And tonight at the game, it went to a shoot out. Well, we decided to stand (like we always do) and the people behind us were yelling at us to sit down. You know what I did? I stayed standing and I told them to stand up. Everyone behind them was standing, everyone in the arena was standing. What makes you so special that you think people should sit down because you are too fucking lazy to stand up? Get off your fat lazy ass and support your team!

And with that I am out.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Awwwww, I felt loved today!

Ok, so I think I have finally decided on the sign I will take to the Panthers at Capitals game.

“I came all the way from Phoenix to see a Ballard hipcheck!”

The cute little kid (who called us trouble btw…) said I would definitely get a puck for that sign. He wears a Ballard Coyotes jersey and a Panther hat to most games (and Carcillo jersey to the others). He is a kid after my own heart. Although… he did call Britney Spears his wife. That is a tad disturbing.
In other news, I ended up with two of the Coyotes Valentines Bears! One of my lawyers brought me one today. It was so sweet.

Qiuck Hits cuz I'm tired.

Where to begin? The Coyotes are on a losing streak but I still love my boys. I can’t help it.
Poor Telly Monster, every time he plays the other teams just do so much crap to him. He’s gotten his bell rung two to three times this season. The oilers were no different.
Kurt Sauer is back. Woohoo. Our blue line has just become that much better.
Last night was the season ticket holder signing. It was pretty fun. I got some sigs and photogs. I giggled and amused the boys. I didn’t get to three tables but its ok. I was tired of waiting in lines.
Tomorrow night the Atlanta Thrashers are in town. Telly Monster will be in net again.
And lastly, there are reports there may be a buyer for the Coyotes. This could be some good news for the club!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I almost forgot...

The RoadRunners have lost two of their best players. Both Ashton Rome and Craig Kowalski (aka Goalie!) have been called up to the AHL. A big congrats to those two, although they will be missed. They were definitely the most entertaining to watch!

Picture Post

Giving Phaneuf a beat down? 2 minutes well worth it!

He blew a kiss at the end of this. Can you say player? :P

Telly Monster!!!


LINDY!!! I heart him


Jovo showing the girlies his booty. And Yandle for The Diva.

Rockstar Jovo

Daniel Carcillo

Carcillo and his hair. Oh how we love that hair!

Another Telly shot.

Catch Up

Ok, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written anything. I am going to try and get better at that. No excuses, right?

Some quick updates:

Mueller has been activated from IR. He returned last night against the Flames. He wasn’t quite visible (as usually) but as The Diva and I discussed, the Coyotes plummeted after he was injured, so maybe, just maybe, he is the anti-cancer for the locker room and we need him in the lineup.
Tiki has also returned to the lineup. He had a tremendous game last night! Welcome back Tiki! We missed you!!
Turris has been sent to SA. I didn’t think he was doing to bad but this will really help his game, give him some confidence. I think it was a great move. Plus, if the Coyotes can’t make the playoffs he can help push the Rampage to the playoffs.
Schlemko is back with us. He is getting some major FF miles this past few weeks.

Ok, the games:

Wednesday night we won. I know right? We beat Dallas 1-0. Bryz was amazing in net. Wait… did I just say that? I love playing Dallas because it is just too much fun to watch Turco and it turns into a battle of the goalies.
Thursday night we played the Canucks. My friend and I went to Saddle Ranch before hand and got some of their monster drinks. It definitely made the game more fun and we really annoyed the old lady Canucks fan in front of us. If you don’t like it, go back to Canada. This is our arena. Well anyway, we lost. Not too surprised there.
Last night we played the Flames. It was looking bad, really bad. But then we rallied late in the third to make it 7-5 but couldn’t quite get those last few goals. Tiki and Winnik both had two goals each with the fifth coming from the Captain, Shane Doan. Winnik really needed those goals. He hadn’t scored all season. Way to go Winnik!!!! Oh yes, the best part? When Phaneuf tried to punch Carcillo in the face. Not his best idea. Hahanaha

Soon after this, a fight broke out in the crowd. A Flames fan jumped like 4 rows to go after Coyotes fans. They were escorted out.

Let’s see… I just have a random thought left.
-The Suns are getting ready to fire their coach. He hasn’t even been there a full season yet but the guys aren’t playing to their full potential. Coyotes… please take notes. The Suns know, when you have that much talent they should be producing. If they aren’t it probably means there is issues with the coaching staff. Time to shake things up.
Ok, well Monday night we take on the Oilers at home. Yah, don’t even want to think about that yet.
Tuesday night is our STH signing event. I have no idea what to get signed. Maybe I will get pics instead. Although it’s always awkward as they are behind those big, long tables.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


That is how many games the Coyotes have now lost. In a row. Since the All-Star Break. Prior to then, they had been doing so well.

Part of the problem seems to be we can’t score. In the six games we have scored a total of 9 goals. 9 goals in six games is a little ridiculous and sad.

I don’t know what else to say. Maybe more another day this week when I am feeling it more.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Stupid Fans...

So last night I sat in my actual season ticket seat. I actually dread sitting there. I wish we could have like a preview night to see how the fans around us are and then given the option to move our seats. I hate to sit there because the people behind me are dumb. Then there is a lady next to me who never says anything unless she brings this guy with her and then she talks and those two are just so stupid. I don’t know who is worse, the couple behind me or the ones next to me.

I wish I could remember everything they said but here are some highlights:

Women behind me (who looks like her hair is stuck in the 80’s):
You know why the NHL got rid of the girls that danced on the ice? Because one of them fell and died. Now they don’t let anyone on the ice.

Woman next to me (not from the same conversation as above):
They don’t have the dancers anymore. They have more like cheerleaders and it’s better because they don’t show their boobs. A lot of people had problems with the girls showing their boobs last year, that is why they don’t have dancers.

Ok, wow these people are stupid! They got rid of the dancers for monetary means. They didn’t want to pay the Pack and the Snow Patrol, so they got rid of the Pack and made over the Snow Patrol. For some reason the woman next to me and the guy she brings always have to talk about the dancers and it pisses me off because they don't know what they are talking about.

The guy next to me is totally the type of guy Tony U talks about in his latest article, read it here. And it is only going to get worse. We will have a lot more of these fans if the Coyotes make the playoffs. Oh yes, this guy also thinks the team is going to move.

Guy behind me:
Person next to him:
Rhino’s injured. He’s not playing.
Guy behind me:
Then who is 26? That used to be Joel Perrault. Who is that?
(at this point, I turned around and was like, that IS Joel, they called him up)

Woman behind me:
I keep wanting to call 17 Vrbata because he wore that number all last year.
(ummm, well Fridge has worn it all this year and last time I sat there you were calling him Viktor Tikhonov)

The guy behind me starts off the game talking about how great Ryan Miller is and by the end of the game he was like “Why can’t we beat him? He has almost the same stats as Bryz. He’s not that good”. He also decided that since Miller is listed as 166 pounds, that is why he is so flexible, because he is so skinny. He also decided that it was a typo and Miller weighs more than 166 because “look at how big he looks”. Well let’s see, he’s wearing about 30 pounds of goalie gear. Trust me, Miller is that skinny.

They also have to keep checking the program to figure out who some of the guys are. Yet he knows all the players on the Red Wings (he’s one of those obnoxious guys who wears Coyotes gear yet cheers for the wings, except in the last game when we beat Detroit and sent them on their losing streak).

They also thought Stevie G was Carcillo when he got in a fight. Then they were wondering who 73 was and where he came from.

These are STH folks and they know nothing about the team. The obviously don’t watch the away games. They obviously don’t read about the team. They come to the games, drink and be obnoxious. No wonder we can’t get a good fan base here, these type of people would scare off new fans.

Oh yah and the woman behind me screams, like bloody murder screams at times. And when she yells at the team/players it is so high pitched it hurts my ears. I am surprised I am not deaf from her screams yet.
Oh and another stupid fan story from last night (although this one was wearing Buffalo gear). We were standing on the patio after the game and this girl turns around and goes to my friend (who is wearing a Carcillo jersey and has her back to this chick) “He’s cute I will give you that”. And one of my friends looks at her like “you are retarded” and the friend in the Carcillo jersey goes “yah, we know” in like you’re stupid voice and I just stared at her and went “oooook” in a wow, you are a genius voice. We are not sure why she felt the need to tell us that. We weren’t in anyway near her or wanting to talk to her. The only thing I could think of is that she was standing with Carcillo’s brother (not sure if he knew them or just met them at the game) and wanted to see how we would react. *rolls eyes at stupid girls*

Sabres 2, Coyotes 0

I don’t feel like writing much so here are some quick hits:

I wish Jokinen had been invisible last night. He made himself quite visible by making mistake after mistake.

There were two and a half fights. I say half because what would have been Carcillo’s second fight was stopped by the refs. Carcillo and Stevie G both had some great fights.

Ryan Miller was on last night. *sigh* why can’t we have him instead of Bryz?

Buffalo fans are terrible. They were yelling “You can’t score” as they were leaving the arena. We were walking over to Bar Louie and a group looked at us and went, “Did the Coyotes play tonight?” so I flipped them off. I was sick of it at that point. They aren’t that great of a team and they did not beat us like 10-0. Grow up Buffalo fans, grow up. I have been a visiting fan in other arenas and do not act like that. If I see another fan of my team I may go, “Great game” or something but I never rub it in the other fans faces.

Well, that is all I have to say.