Sunday, February 1, 2009

Stupid Fans...

So last night I sat in my actual season ticket seat. I actually dread sitting there. I wish we could have like a preview night to see how the fans around us are and then given the option to move our seats. I hate to sit there because the people behind me are dumb. Then there is a lady next to me who never says anything unless she brings this guy with her and then she talks and those two are just so stupid. I don’t know who is worse, the couple behind me or the ones next to me.

I wish I could remember everything they said but here are some highlights:

Women behind me (who looks like her hair is stuck in the 80’s):
You know why the NHL got rid of the girls that danced on the ice? Because one of them fell and died. Now they don’t let anyone on the ice.

Woman next to me (not from the same conversation as above):
They don’t have the dancers anymore. They have more like cheerleaders and it’s better because they don’t show their boobs. A lot of people had problems with the girls showing their boobs last year, that is why they don’t have dancers.

Ok, wow these people are stupid! They got rid of the dancers for monetary means. They didn’t want to pay the Pack and the Snow Patrol, so they got rid of the Pack and made over the Snow Patrol. For some reason the woman next to me and the guy she brings always have to talk about the dancers and it pisses me off because they don't know what they are talking about.

The guy next to me is totally the type of guy Tony U talks about in his latest article, read it here. And it is only going to get worse. We will have a lot more of these fans if the Coyotes make the playoffs. Oh yes, this guy also thinks the team is going to move.

Guy behind me:
Person next to him:
Rhino’s injured. He’s not playing.
Guy behind me:
Then who is 26? That used to be Joel Perrault. Who is that?
(at this point, I turned around and was like, that IS Joel, they called him up)

Woman behind me:
I keep wanting to call 17 Vrbata because he wore that number all last year.
(ummm, well Fridge has worn it all this year and last time I sat there you were calling him Viktor Tikhonov)

The guy behind me starts off the game talking about how great Ryan Miller is and by the end of the game he was like “Why can’t we beat him? He has almost the same stats as Bryz. He’s not that good”. He also decided that since Miller is listed as 166 pounds, that is why he is so flexible, because he is so skinny. He also decided that it was a typo and Miller weighs more than 166 because “look at how big he looks”. Well let’s see, he’s wearing about 30 pounds of goalie gear. Trust me, Miller is that skinny.

They also have to keep checking the program to figure out who some of the guys are. Yet he knows all the players on the Red Wings (he’s one of those obnoxious guys who wears Coyotes gear yet cheers for the wings, except in the last game when we beat Detroit and sent them on their losing streak).

They also thought Stevie G was Carcillo when he got in a fight. Then they were wondering who 73 was and where he came from.

These are STH folks and they know nothing about the team. The obviously don’t watch the away games. They obviously don’t read about the team. They come to the games, drink and be obnoxious. No wonder we can’t get a good fan base here, these type of people would scare off new fans.

Oh yah and the woman behind me screams, like bloody murder screams at times. And when she yells at the team/players it is so high pitched it hurts my ears. I am surprised I am not deaf from her screams yet.
Oh and another stupid fan story from last night (although this one was wearing Buffalo gear). We were standing on the patio after the game and this girl turns around and goes to my friend (who is wearing a Carcillo jersey and has her back to this chick) “He’s cute I will give you that”. And one of my friends looks at her like “you are retarded” and the friend in the Carcillo jersey goes “yah, we know” in like you’re stupid voice and I just stared at her and went “oooook” in a wow, you are a genius voice. We are not sure why she felt the need to tell us that. We weren’t in anyway near her or wanting to talk to her. The only thing I could think of is that she was standing with Carcillo’s brother (not sure if he knew them or just met them at the game) and wanted to see how we would react. *rolls eyes at stupid girls*

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