Thursday, May 22, 2008


Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve written about the playoffs. I skipped a whole round!

It is Detroit and Pittsburgh in the finals. The first game is Saturday. I am not sure if I will watch it. I’ve got something going on that afternoon and am not sure what time it will be done. I will be recording it though, as this promises to be a really good series.

Detroit is the veterans while Pittsburgh is the young guys. Detroit has the dirty players while Pittsburgh has the whiners and divers. I think this will go all seven games. If it does, I will have to beg my dad to record it since I will be busy that day and not able to watch it.

The Detroit/Dallas series was very good. Turco played his little heart out. He was probably one of the best players for Dallas. He definitely got them out of the first round and the second round. If his teammates had been able to muster up the offense, he could have gotten them into the finals. I’m not going to go on and on about these series because they are over.

Pittsburgh and Philadelphia was a sad series. Philadelphia looked like a completely different team then the previous games. They did lose a lot of players to injuries but that should have made the other players step up. Briere did exactly what I thought he would. Disappeared.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Roster for next season

Let’s start with the obvious, Doan, Mueller, Hanzal and Turris are all under contract and will certainly be back next season. Rhino is under contract but I could see him involved in a trade. He’s still got a little bit left in him (could last season have just been an off year?). Or if he stays, a trade deadline deal.

Bryz will get to try his hand at a full season as starter and Telly will be the back up I don’t want Tordjy or Montoya to sit that much, they could be NHL goalies and need to play as much as possible. I could see Telly going at deadline if there is a good offer out there.

I’ve discussed the D a lot already, so in summary Jovo’s not going anywhere (doubt any would take that contract and he seems to be a favorite). Ballard, Z and Morris aren’t going anywhere. They are a good foundation. If Maloney gets an offer for Boynton, I’d say he’s gone. Some people said he wasn’t good last season, but he did great for having to pair with the revolving door of Jones and Yandle. I think Yandle will really need to step up his game to make the big club. If the Yotes draft a dman, he may have some competition, or if one of the other young guys step up.

Lisin, Winnik, MacLean, Porter and Kolarik are all going to have to have a great camp and fight for that roster spot. Lisin and Winnik have the advantage of playing in the big club last year. Porter and Kolarik have great chemistry together and I would think that if the yotes are smart, they keep them together at first. MacLean could make the big club out of camp but I’m not 100% sure on him. Sure he put up amazing numbers this season, but that doesn’t automatically mean he does well in the NHL. I think he’d benefit from some time in SA and then earn a call up and see how he does.

Carcillo, Perrault, Hossa and Jones are our big RFAs. Carcillo will definitely earn a new contract. Management and fans love him. Maybe they should put a clause in their where as he will lose money if he opens his mouth between the whistle. I think Maloney could negotiate that! Hossa I think will be signed just because he didn’t have much of a chance last year. He was coming off an injury and then traded. He didn’t step up, but I did see moments of great defensive play. Perrault will probably get a two way. I doubt he makes the big team next year with all the incoming talent at center. I like Perrault but can see he’s not as talented as others we have coming in. Jones will probably be resigned, especially if we don’t have anyone for that 6th dman spot. Frankly, I could care less if he was resigned. I believe Z4 pointed out that he hasn’t been able to create a niche for himself. He is not offensively great and he’s not as mean as say Ballard.

I can’t really comment on those in SA or the sundogs, as I haven’t followed them closely. I have read a few things but not enough to feel I could offer an educated analysis. RFAs include Montoya (I’m sure he will be resigned), Kaigordov (I doubt anything is done with him) and Redenbach (don’t know enough about him).

Now for the UFAs. I would like to see both Kapanen and Tjarnqvist resigned. Kapanen may be out because of all the young guys. But he is quick and has a lot of skill. My only knock to him is his size. He gets pushed off the puck a lot but when he’s got the puck; he can handle it and make some great plays. He did really well with Carcillo this year; maybe because Carcillo will hit anything on skates? Tjarnqvist is just too good on the PK that we can’t afford to lose him yet. Unless Ziggy makes the big club next year, we will need at least on decent forward for the PK and Tjarnqvist is that. Vrbata should be resigned as long as it’s a reasonable price and contract length. It’s looking more and more like he won’t be resigned. If that’s the case, I wish him well. I really liked him and hope he can do well elsewhere. Weller should be resigned to a two-way. He brings a needed toughness and also can bang the puck in. He is good at screening goalies, but needs to do it more often. He may be pushed out by one of the kids, but he could also do well for SA. York is gone. No need to discuss any more. As far as the minors, there is Durno, Paddock and Spina. I have followed Spina a little closer, as he is an Arizona native. He deserves another contract. He’s got speed and had pretty good numbers in SA. My only knock is the same for Kapanen, he is a tiny guy. Bell, Caldwell and Helmer are our D UFAs. I don’t know anything about Caldwell and Helmer but I don’t see Bell as an NHLer. Maybe resign him for SA, maybe on a two way. He had a pretty good year in SA.

RFAs from SA are DiSalvatore, Murley, Thomas, Vandermeer and Reese. Thomas will be gone. He just took a huge step backwards. I was expecting a lot more from him at camp and he just plain sucked! I don’t know anything about DiSalvatore and Murley. I did notice Reese at training camp and I would like to see him resigned. I think he’s got some good upside, maybe a career in the A. I have a feeling Vandermeer will be back. It seems like management likes him. Hell, they called him up a couple of times and he’s worse than Carcillo in PIMs and doesn’t have ¼ of the skill Carcill does.

There are a few prospects that need to be signed this summer: Wheeler, Latal, Bendfeld and Engassar. A preliminary offer has been made to Wheeler. I hope we get him signed. He could do well for us in the A and then get a call up to the big club during the season. The rest of them I don’t really know anything about, so I can not comment.

Ok, well there is my opinion.

Next up I will write a little on the playoffs. I've got a lot to say there but just haven't had the time to update with all the games, seeing my friends and working out!