Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'm going to try to keep this up again!

I've been absent for awhile. I wasnt sure I wanted to continue this blog. First I went to Vegas and got behind, then I got sick and fell even farther behind. And I will be heading out Friday for DC.

But I came back and saw someone left me a comment asking to write more, so I will do that. If someone wants to read what I write, so be it (i just will not tolerate nasty comments directed at me)

On a side note, I got to meet Ryan Suter after the game thrusday (nice guy, he didnt have to stop and get a pic with a coyotes fan but he did). Unfortunatly for me, I lost the picture (i used a new memory card and apparently its got something wrong with it). I also lost the pics i took during the game and warmups.

In other news, Carcillo should be back on the ice. He played two games with the Rampage this weekend. He got 2 assists and the game winner and no PIMs.

Currently Im watching the All-Star game. Kind of boring. I like the big hits. Nabby is of course outstanding. But its making me excited to go watch the Caps take on Atlanta next saturday.

And the yotes are currently batteling for that magical 8th playoff spot. I know we can do it, the problem is we have a tough schedule coming up, all of February we see pretty much the same few teams, most of whom are in the same battle we are.

Oh wow, i now have seen it all, a marching band on ice. WTF?

Monday, January 7, 2008

Shane Doan on the Edge 103.9

Doan was on the edge this morning and they got to talking about what the smartest position was. Doan said that it wasnt really so much a smart position, but a role. He said the tough guys are usually the smartest. He mentioned Louie Debrusk and then two other guys (who i didnt hear, darn the people in my office for talking!). The two other guys went on to become lawyers. I thought that was pretty interesting becasue in the coyotes o7-08 yearbook i was looking at it said Daniel Carcillo would be a lawyer if he wasnt a hockey player.

They didnt really talk about much else, just that Chuck couldnt figure out the schedule. and how the yotes were doing a sweep through western canada.

Tomorrow night is the flames. Im going to miss the vancouver and edmonton games. Im going to DVR them but i will be having a blast in Vegas.

Sunday, January 6, 2008


A sampling of the continuous shooting.
I still need some work on this mode yet.

Good Face-off pic


Ballard yelling about the "illegal substitution" penalty and doan yelling at someone...

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Anyone up for a little Roasted Duck?

Maybe some duck on the grill, wrapped in bacon?

We are now 4 - 1 in the series with the Ducks. Although, this sucks that this was won in a shoot out. The coyotes could have easily taken this one in regulation, IMO. And why give a team in our division a point? Damn OT loss point. Its really starting to piss me off. The ducks would have one point less than us if they didnt get a point for OT losses. that is freaking crap.

I felt that the end of the 2nd and the start of the 3rd we were playing just to keep the game tied and then picked it up for the end of the third and OT. A little too late guys. I think if we can make it to the shoot out, we are guarenteed a win. With Bryz in net and Mueller. I dont think Mueller has missed once in the shoot out. Vrbata missed tonight but bryz stopped all 3 shots.

We have a problem with this whole "dump and chase" Why are we always reverting to that? Especially on a PP. There is no need. Youve got the extra man, go for it. And whats with the dump and go for a line change? On more than one occassion tonight we had a guy go for the shot and hes the only red jersey out there. Seriously? JP had a good shot and if hed had any teammates with him, someone could have gotten the rebound and maybe a goal. but noooo, they all went for the line change.

And what got into JP? Im really starting to like this guy. I hope they dont send him back to SA. He had some nice hits tonight. There was one really good one by the yotes penalty box. Nice and hard. And then he was fiesty. Getting into shoving matches left and right. I thought for sure he was going to fight. Not that i wanted him to, hed get his ass kicked, but i was seriously impressed tonight. played hard, created chances, just an overall good game for him.

And what is the illegal substitution call all about? This is what i found on it:
Substitution infraction (Illegal Substitution)
This rare bench minor penalty is called when a substitution or addition is attempted during a stoppage of play after the linesmen have signalled no more substitutions (once the face-off is set) or if a team pulls its goalie and then attempts to have the goalie re-enter play at any time other than during a stoppage of play. Too many men on the ice and/or starting the wrong lineup can also simply be called a substitution infraction.

Ummm, the whistle blew almost as soon as Ballard left the box. I dont get it. I must have missed something. But the way ballard and doan were arguing and then gretz, i doubt it. I blame it on Magoo. Freaking refs.

I laughed my ass off when jovo whiffed on a pass. it was quite funny. jovo was again jovo. hot and cold. good and bad. but mostly not good. damn jovo.

there was a guy behind me who every time the ducks had the puck hed yell "hit him! hit him!" some people need to learn when to shut up. then the kid behind me kept kicking my chair. the kid next to me kept crying. seriously.

i tested out my continuous shooting mode on the camera. from the upperbowl. i havent checked the pics out yet, so I might post some tomorrow.

This is where i sat Thursday night

Quote of the Day:
"Weller doesn't get there, that play doesn't happen," Winnik said. "You have to have your wingers try to find an opening."

Friday, January 4, 2008

Im a little behind

Ok, first off I want to say Im a little upset with Mr. Bettman. I was listening to his radio show the other day and someone called in and asked about Chris Simon and what would cause them to ban someone from the league. He stated that he thought the punishment was fair and they cant just take away from them their lively hood and all they have ever known. Well, my problem with this is he told Toc that if he ever gambled again, hed be out of the nhl for good. Now, wouldnt that be the same thing? Isnt hockey all Toc has ever known? And Im sorry, what Simon does is way worse than what Toc did. Simon could potentially end another players career or god forbid, kill someone. And Mactavish did just that and hes allowed to coach. Heatly did too and hes still playing. Now, too me drunk driving, driving recklessly and doing things like Simon does is worse than what Toc did. Toc's gamblin didnt hurt anyone (maybe financially, but thats the other persons choice to gamble also). People who drive drunk could kill or hurt innocent people. People who drive at too fast speeds could hurt or kill innocent bystanders. Chris Simon could hurt or kill another hockey player who is just trying to do their job.

Ok, now onto the games.

I watched the outdoor game on new years day. I wanted Buffalo to win. I like Ryan Miller. I think hes a very good goalie. It was a good game to watch. It was definatly interesting and a throwback to the good ol' days (not that i remember them!) I thought all the talk between periods was very intersting also. I hope they do this every year. I would definatly watch and if my team was playing, Id go. Problem is I would freeze my ass off.

Ok, now to the Coyotes..

I watched the Colorado Avalance game on tv. I thoguht the guys put forth a good effort. Although, they are starting to get leads and then just play to prevent the other team from scoring. The problem is, they arent doing very good at that. Jovo was his normal self. Either hot or cold. Cant be any where in the middle. I dont really remember a lot of this game, its been awhile. We got two empty netters.

Last night we did the same thing agains chicago, get a good lead then just try to prevent them from scoring. Telly did a great job. He is the best backup goalie. he cant be a starter but he is great in that back up role. Sjo got a nice empty netter last night. Hanzals goal was awesome. I dont think anyone actually knew where the puck was at first. Ballard gave an awesome hipcheck which was of course retaliated by a fight. Im not sure what happened but it looked like ballard did throw a couple punches but then he was crumpled on the ice, in the fetal position almost, and wasnt moving. I was like OH CRAP. but he got up. normally ballard can hold his own, im not sure what happened last night. Again, Jovo being Jovo. Boynton had a pretty good game. Doan and Yandle were scratched. Doan has a day-to-day hand injury. Overall i thought the team did well with out their captain. They did look tired, probably from the back to back games and travel. And i was a little worried about Chicago, coming off a 9-2 loss it could have went either way. Id be pretty pissed if i lost 9-2 to the Kings. Id feel like id have something to prove. But then again, they did have a lot of injuries.

Up next: Anaheim Ducks. Neids is back. But we have done pretty well against them this year. Hopefully we can keep it up. No new news on Carcillo. Long sleeve t give away tomorrow. I might end up at the game by myself, but thats cool. I can handle one game alone!

Quote of the Day:
"It's so different in practice than playing games because you never end up in situations that happen in a game. In the last period, it (puck) went off three posts, and I had no clue where the puck was, and that never happens in practice. But we're playing well, and we deserved to win."

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a safe yet fun new years. I know I did. First my yotes win and then I go to a friends party. Good times!

Last night the yotes beat the avalanche in a shoot out. They should have had this one. Peter Budaj is one of the worse goalies in the league. We seemed to struggle with shots in the first. Even by the end of the game we had about half the shots Colorado had.

Its been a while, but lets see what i can remember. I remember Ballard making a lot of stupid mistakes (is he turning into jovo? god help us!) I swear we were only using 2 dman pairings the whole third period. (where did boynton and his rotating partners go?)

Vrbata had an awesome night. 2 goals and the clincher in the shoot out. Vrbatas and Muellers goals were amazing. Wolski fanned (or something) on his shoot out attempt. It was definatly a weak attempt.

I was disappointed in the end of 2nd and all of the 3rd period. The guys seemed to be playing to stop Colorado from scoring and not even trying to score. It could be because Gretzky switched all the lines up again except the VHS line. I know we lost 2 games in a row but seriously, the even strength lines arent the problem; its Jovo playing 1:30 on the PP and constantly turning the puck over. Its losing faceoffs, esp key faceoffs during the PK (where has ziggy been?)

Well, thats all for now, Im going to go watch the Pens and Sabres game.

Hopefully we can kick Colorados butt tomorrow night and Chicagos on Thursday. (i got seats 10 rows behind the yotes bench for that game. i hope to get some good pics!)

Quote of the Day:
"We have many good days ahead of us," Gretzky said. "There is a long road ahead of us, but there really is a light at the end of the tunnel."