Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Awwwww, I felt loved today!

Ok, so I think I have finally decided on the sign I will take to the Panthers at Capitals game.

“I came all the way from Phoenix to see a Ballard hipcheck!”

The cute little kid (who called us trouble btw…) said I would definitely get a puck for that sign. He wears a Ballard Coyotes jersey and a Panther hat to most games (and Carcillo jersey to the others). He is a kid after my own heart. Although… he did call Britney Spears his wife. That is a tad disturbing.
In other news, I ended up with two of the Coyotes Valentines Bears! One of my lawyers brought me one today. It was so sweet.

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Carcillo13 said...

I friggin' love that kid. He's awesome.