Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hooters on Ice

I got quite a chuckle earlier this week when the RoadRunners announced their “Hooters on Ice” promotion for Tuesday nights game.

I guess they are having a bikini contest and crowning the first ever Ms. RoadRunner Hooters girl. There is also a “special on ice talent” contest. I am not sure what they mean by that. Does that mean skating or is it doing their talent (singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument etc) on ice?

This event does not bother me. I actually think it sounds hilarious and would go if I could. Mostly I am interested in seeing what the talent portion will be like. I would also like to know if these women know anything about hockey as I think for a hockey teams Ms contest, they should know something about the sport.

What makes it even more funny is all the people that complain(ed) about the Coyotes “pack” and how they wear nothing at games (pants and crop tops mostly) and that hockey is supposed to be a family friendly event blah blah blah. I also heard a lot of people saying they would start going to RoadRunners games because they were more family friendly and now they are doing this. HILARIOUS.

Oh I love it. Good luck finding a sporting event that doesn’t have hot chicks (or something there about) in skimpy clothes. They are at all sports, at all levels. It doesn’t make the event any less family friendly. It’s part of life and parents should be able to talk with their kids about what the girls are doing (supporting the team and trying to get the crowd going) and how they are wearing a uniform/costume.

Now that the disappointment has worn off...somewhat.

Oh, the game last night was a horrid 4-0 loss to the Kings? How did this happen you ask? Well for starters, only Doan and Rhino really seemed to show up. Jokinen again looked like he was playing pee-wee hockey and Mueller was no where to be seen. Byrz couldn’t stop a puck if it hit him in the face. Why they kept him in is beyond me. At one point in the second it appeared as if they were getting Telly ready but they kept Bryz in. Although, I guess at that point it wouldn’t have matter. It also looked like Carcillo might be injured. On Friday night, he didn’t seem like himself. He looked off. And I noticed it again last night. Then he got into a fight and it didn’t seem like he played much after that. When he was out there, he seemed slow.

Jovo has returned to his normal routine, losing the puck at the blue line, not really hitting anyone, taking shots when there is a Kings player right in front of him, hesitating/passing when he should shoot. He was Jovocop for a few games but he just can’t sustain that level anymore. Or he is just sheer lazy and knows this is his last NHL contract and we are stuck with him no matter what.

Also, we need to bring back either Winnik or Tiki. They are both so good defensively and we need that. I noticed the last few games without them that the Coyotes have had a harder time creating scoring chances.

The boarding call on Lisin was pure BS. He was hit by the Kings player, yet he gets boarding? Booooooooo. There was some bad calls tonight but it went both ways. The Kings got it in the 3rd and we got it in the 1st and 2nd.

And yes, I am really liking Quick as a goalie. He is still young, but it seems like he has what it takes to be the Kings starting goalie. He's had 2 shuouts in 8 NHL games. Impressive. He doesn't seem to give up a lot of big rebounds either. He may be the last piece in the Kings puzzle.

Well, here’s to hoping we can ring in the new year with a win against Colorado!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Telly should have been in net.

The End.

Weekly Wrap-Up

Christmas week ended well for the Coyotes with a 2-1 win over LA. It didn’t start off that well with a loss to Edmonton.

I didn’t get to see the Edmonton game but from the stats and a friend who was watching it, it sounded like the boys didn’t play that well. They did battle back to tie the game but lost it in the third. Apparently Carcillo got a misconduct for firing off a puck after Jokinen got called for a penalty. My friend watching the game said it was no different than what other guys have done, yet he gets a penalty for it.
Tuesday night the boys played in Colorado and ended up taking it to overtime. I was hoping we would finally break the OT curse, but we didn’t. We are now 0-5 in OT. I was also hoping Doan would break his hat-trick curse, but again, he was stuck with 2 goals. I’m pretty sure he has never had a hat-trick in his pro-career. He always gets just two goals. I was hoping for Christmas Santa would give him the hat-trick. If he ever does get one, I hope it’s at home though. He would get the biggest standing ovation ever.
Last night the game against the Kings was a good one. I was hoping Bryz would get another shut-out but when Jokinen took a stupid penalty in the third, the Kings were able to score.
Bods was looking like a monster out there. He was hitting and battling through guys and shooting the puck like crazy. He hasn’t had a goal in awhile but if he keeps it up it won’t be long before it finds the back of the net.

Mueller broke his 21 game goal-less streak with a sweet pass from Doan. Doan and Mueller actually played really well together last night. They looked more and more like the Doan and Mueller of last year.

Jokinen looked like a pee-wee league player in the first. It was like he forgot how to play hockey (another Jovo moment?).

Bryz was making me really nervous at the end. He was out of position and flopping around like a dead fish.

I was impressed with King’s goalie Quick. He played a good game. He also seemed to have fixed his pants issue he had during the first rookie game… And I think I may have a new goalie crush on my hands. I hope he plays again tonight so I can watch him again. I am not a fan of LaBarbara.
Tonight the Kings come back to the Job to take another shot at the Coyotes. Look for some interaction between Carcillo and Ivanans as they were looking like they might have fought last night. They were definitely up in each others business. Brown may also get a beat down or be a target of many Coyotes hits for his cheap punch on Jokinen.

No word on who will be in goal. Bryz or Telly? Bryz didn’t play bad but will he need a rest with back to back games? Will Hale get to play with the back to back games with Klee needing a rest?
In other news, Paulina Gretzky sang the anthem last night. From the clip I heard, I was not that impressed.
New Years we will take on the Avs at the job. I will be in a suite for the first time and the margaritas will be flowing! It should be a good time with my hockey family. I am looking forward to it.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A hodgepodge of a post!

Well, I have missed quite a few games on my blog. So here is a quick round up of what I have not written about.

Let’s start with the oldest game first and work our way forward. The game against Detroit was a heartbreaker. I know many fans who were just pissed off but I wasn’t mad about it. The boys played hard and really made the Red Wings work for that win. It wasn’t like games past where we laid down and let them win. We fought them all the way to the shootout. Yes, it went to a shootout.

Which brings me to my next point… Why did we rest the game in young KT’s hands? I know he had a good game and all, but why not put him out in less stressful situation? We need to work on our shootouts in practice. We have not won a game in OT or shootout all season (I think we are 0-4 now).
In other news… Sean Avery is not welcome back with the Stars. I have a feeling he won’t really be welcome back in the NHL.
Speaking of the Stars, Turco’s got his game back. He was spot on when we played in Dallas this past week. Sucks for us. Turco’s got his game back, the cancer is gone…look for the Stars to make their way up in the standings.

Again, the boys played hard and took it to OT. Again, we couldn’t get the win in OT. Nevertheless, it was a good game to see and I was glad to see Turco back to his usual self. Yes, I have a goalie crush on Turco and I am not afraid to admit it!
Thursday night my other favorite team rolled into town. I think I annoyed my seatmates as I was cheering on the Coyotes and then I’d be like good one Suter or way to go Arnott. They kept telling me not to cheer for the Preds but I was like, the coyotes are winning and I can say that the Preds did something well.

And, I never noticed this before but Ellis has this little ritual/dance that he always does when the ice girls clear the snow away. It was actually pretty cute. Yah, another goalie crush…what can I say? I love the goalies.

Anyway, this was a great game and I was excited to see the Preds for the first time this season. Of course the Coyotes win this one and that is all that matters.
Last night the Coyotes played the Bluejackets. Bryz with the shutout! Coyotes with the sweep! TAKE THAT NASH! That is for the goal on Ballard/Dmo/Telly last season.

I was on the edge of my seat for about the last minute and a half. I wanted Bryz to get the shut out because he really needs it for his confidence and to prove to us fans that he wants to be a starter and it was looking like he was going to let that one soft goal in. He was looking a little slow while the Bluejackets had 6 guys out.

And speaking of the extra attacker, we really need to work on our empty net shots. Wow, we cannot aim, not even in practice. We went today and it was not pretty. Fridge was launching those suckers. The pucks were getting some air!

Ok, back to the game. Carcillo got in a fight with Boll, which was pretty much expected. It was a pretty good one and I bet the guys could have went longer when the refs stepped in.

All-in-all, a great game. This accompanied by the Wild’s lost to St. Louis has put us in the 7th spot. It’s a pretty nice place to be and the guys seem to be in good spirits.
On another note, the Coyotes brought up Lindstrom and I think this kid has finally gotten it. He also seems to make KT better. KT has just played so well with him (he got our only two goals in the Nashville game). I hope Wayne recognizes the chemistry and keeps those two together for a bit. I believe he will be in the lineup for awhile.
The guys left today for a road trip. They are hitting Edmonton tomorrow, Colorado on Tuesday and the Kings on Friday.
I would also like to say best of luck to McGrattan. He is still with the team but has taken some time to work on a personal matter. I am sure he is going through a hard time; Phoenix fans are here for him and hope to see him back on the ice for us as soon as he is able.
And in another note, my friend Michelle thinks I should buy hockey skates with the Christmas money I will be getting. I am still undecided about this since I have only gone once this year. I looked online and it looks like the cheapest skates are $75. That is a lot of money for something I am not sure I will use very often. Eventually, I would like to learn more how to play but right now is not a good time for me; hockey is expensive!

Bryz with the shutout!

I am hoping to get a post up soon. I realize I haven't written in awhile, but sometimes life just gets in the way. Pesky life. :P

The parentals are coming into town this week, so not sure if I will get anything done on here either. Lunch time posts maybe? Oh wait, I am only working half days this week. You will just have to wait and see.

I have been issued an assignment by The Diva, but haven't worked on that yet either and it is due today. Oops.

And in parting, I wish to thank the MN Wild for their losing streak as it has helped put the Coyotes in 7th place! Woot Woot!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

To get into the spirit of the season..

1. Egg nog or hot chocolate?
Hot chocolate, hands down. Egg nogg is just nasty :)

2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree?
He's got elves to do the wrapping, he just leaves 'em.

3. Colored lights on tree/house or white?
I have all blue on the tree and white in the windows.

4. Do you hang mistletoe?

5. When do you put your decorations up?
I put them up the first weekend in December

6. What is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)?
Cheesey mashed potatoes and lefse

7. Favorite holiday memory as a child?
hrmmmm, I'm not sure about this one. I always loved sledding and then coming in and defrosting by the fire with hot chocolate.

8. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa?
Well, I really don't remember.

9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve?
Used to. Christmas Eve was Grandparents and then Christmas Day was Santa/Parents

10. How do you decorate your Christmas tree?
Blue lights (not the multi colored lights, I think those are not very classy) with my ornaments. I have always received one ornament a year; it's like a tradition. So depending on what I loved that year, it is reflected on the tree (there is A LOT of dance ornaments).

11. Snow! Love it or dread it?
I hate snow. It looks pretty but its deadly.

12. Can you ice skate?
kind of. Michelle is making me learn or something..

13. Do you remember your favorite gift?
ummm, probably the george forman. I love that thing. But I am getting a GPS this year, so that will probably surpass the george forman.

14. What's the most important thing about the holidays for you?
My parents coming down

15. What is your favorite holiday dessert?
Sugar Cookies! I'd so scrolls and rosettes but I haven't had those in years (since the great grandmas passed away really)

16. What is your favorite holiday tradition?
Putting the tree up.

17. What tops your tree?
A wire star I got at Target.

18. Which do you prefer, giving or receiving?
A lil of both.

19. What is your favorite Christmas song?
Bing Crosby. Hands down.

20. Candy Canes! Yuck or Yum?
I like the little ones. Otherwise you get all sticky.

21. What do you want for Christmas?
I can't put that answer here ;)

If you're reading this, consider yourself tagged.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Another Semi-GDT

Tonight the Red Wings are in town for their first game against the Coyotes. Last season the Coyotes could not win a single game against them. There were a couple of games that were quite close and the Coyotes even lead for awhile but Detroit turned on the intensity in the third and that was the Coyotes downfall last season. The Coyotes always seemed to get tired in the third and not able to match the other teams potential. Tonight is going to be different though. I can feel it.

Keys to the game:
1. Don’t take penalties. Detroit is awesome on the PP.
2. Come out strong and keep up the intensity for all 3 periods. We have to play 60 minutes to beat this team.
3. All players must show up. We need everyone to battle. That includes you Jokinen. You have played well your last two games back (only disappearing for short periods) but tonight the boys need you to show up for all 60 minutes.

Bryz is starting tonight. Hopefully his confidence is on the rise.

In other news:
Porter has been re-assigned to SA. I am guessing they sent him down because they called up Lindstrom (who has done well in these last couple of games) and they don’t want Porter to be a healthy scratch for too many games. He can play and contribute in SA. That would be much better for his development then sitting up in the press box.

There still is no word on McGrattan yet. I am still not sure how he can be floating out in limbo. Maybe the Coyote have bought him out? If I hear or see anything I will post.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Curse...


Coyotes beat the Wild 3-1. Oh yah baby.

All the Wild fans got outcheered and left early. Although I did meet some people from Winona. They tried to tell me LaCrosse sucks. haha, they are soooooo dumb. LaCrosse > Winona all across the board. :)

OMG I am so excited. I can't even think straight.

If I feel like it I will write a more detailed blog entry tomorrow at lunch. But I am out for now! Got to go CELEBRATE!

I wouldn't call this a GDT...

but it kind of is.

Tonight Mikko Koivu and the rest of the Minnesota Wild will descend upon the job. Hopefully the moment from last nights win will propel the Coyotes to finally beat the Wild.

My Keys to the game:
STOP CLUTTERBUCK. You know he will hit anything in a Coyotes uniform, he did last time. Maybe send out Fridge to do some damage/payback. Fridge was on a roll last night.

Also, put the puck past Backstrom. I know this will be hard to do, but I believe my boys can do this. In past games Carcillo (last season) and Jokinen (this season) have been able to beat him and I believe they can do it again.

Finally, we need everyone to show up and give 100%. No one should disappear, no one should skate lazy *ahem Jovo and Mueller ahem* and skate fast, hit hard.

If the boys do all of the above a win is a very realistic possibility. Unfortunately we are a team that needs everyone to show up and play hard. We can’t win with only a few guys giving it their all.

Short and sweet! I hope everyone comes out and enjoys the game!

On a side note:
Martin Hanzal was the NHL’s third star! He’s so hot right now.
The Coyotes have again moved ahead of the Kings in the Pacific Division.
They are 11th in the West and 20th in the league.
All I care is that we stay ahead of the Kings. We cannot let them beat us.

Coyotes 5, Stars 3

Jokinen returned last night from his shoulder injury not nearly as invisible as he had previously been. He scored a goal in the first period but seemed to disappear in the second until the very end when he scored a power play goal to tie the game at 3-3.

Lindstrom was called up from the Rampage (we acquired him from the Ducks for Logan Stephenson – hopefully he will have a better chance to make the Ducks than he did for the Coyotes; it seemed he has been passed up on the D quite a few times and they never really talk about him). He didn’t get any points but he was out there with Turris and they had a few good chances. Darn that Marty Turco.

The scratches were Winnik, Hale and Porter. No McGrattan and no McGrattan in the lineup. The Diva had found an article (from an Ottawa paper) that one lined that McGrattan had cleared waivers. Upon further inspection, we could not find anything else. He was not on any of the transactions and/or player movement lists. Where is he? He can’t just be floating out in space…

Bryz was our starting goalie. There were a few times that I just wanted to strangle him, especially when he gets too far out of the crease. It seems every time he gets out of the crease, the other team scores or would score if not for our D.

Hanzal has earned a new nickname: Martin “Empty Netter” Hanzal. He got another empty net goal when Turco went to play the puck, passed it to his teammate and his teammate passed it to Hanzal who was right in front of the empty net. Classic. Hanzal also got a great goal early in the first from Tiki, who set it up nicely behind the net.

Fridge looked like he was on a mission to take out every single Star. He was hitting anything in a Stars jersey. He had a great hit in front of our own net. It was amazing. This is what they need, guys who get in there and clean out the trash. We don’t want that in our crease!

Rhino got the empty netter to seal the deal, 5-3. He had Hanzal coming up behind him and he looked to see if he could get Hanzal another hat trick, but there was also a Stars player racing up the ice. It’s better to be selfish and get that security goal then to miss and have the Stars get a chance to control the puck.

Some Observations:
The Good – finishing checks and trying to get guys in front of nets
The Bad – no puck control on PP, spending too much time in our own zone, too many penalties (although the refs were calling every little thing last night but that’s when the guys need to adjust their game a bit) and bad turnovers early on.
The Ugly – all the guys that are growing ‘staches. Why why why? Jokinen, Telly and Porter all seem to have this thing growing above their upper lip and it looks horrid. Please shave boys. We like your baby faces without the bad ‘stache.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More on Avery

Ok blogger is really pissing me off and won't accept my correct html, so please go here:
(I know it's ugly but it wouldn't let me do it any other way for that link)

I really enjoyed this blog. It was very well written and came from someone inside the Stars organization, which I believe to be a reliable source. One of my favorite paragraphs from the blog:

Avery’s reputation – which by all accounts – he worked hard to earn and
richly deserved – permeated the Stars room like a foul odor well before he
ever physically set foot in it. Once he did get here – he did not go
out of his way to overcome it. And things deteriorated from

I also found it funny that he now asks for help for his "anger management" issues. Is this a cop-out? Is he trying to blame something other than his poor judgment for his behavior? According to this blog, he was asked to not talk to the media and yet he did. He blatantly disregarded a request by his employer. Instead of taking responsibility for his actions, he seems to be blaming it on "anger management" issues. I am so sick of people not taking responsibility for their actions. It's stress, it's them not me, it's fill-in-the-blank. Seriously grow up and accept that you messed up.

Try to learn some class Mr. Avery. It will take you much farther in all aspects of your life then the way you act now.

Oh and I am surprised he didn't find some way to insult Shane Doan in all of this! :P

Sometimes my best ideas come through the email exchanges I have with some friends (ok, that is very rare, mostly we joke around but sometimes there is serious conversations at hand).

Yesterday we were talking about the articles/comments of Canadians wanting the Phoenix Coyotes to come back to Canada and saying it’s going to happen because they are broke! The articles contain all "unnamed sources" and nothing from the NHL or the Coyotes franchise. It's hard for me to believe something with no actual sources for me to look at. I could write an article with unnamed sources, doesn't mean it's anything more than my opinion. Well, I digress...

If you haven't read The Diva’s latest entry, do so here

Then check out the comments. If you are too lazy to do so, here is what I had to say about it:

Your entry showed how we are disappointed but we are going to keep trying and keep supporting them. We hardcore fans are here through thick and thin, although sometimes we may get very upset…we will keep coming back. It’s almost like we enjoy the pain.

Ok about those articles about the Coyotes leaving and the team not filling seats:
I think a lot of it is the relatively newness of the Coyotes. We were one of the last ones to leave Canada, so that coupled with our current financial state makes the Coyotes an easy target.

In Phoenix the Coyotes will have to earn fans. They will just get fans in Canada but here they need to prove they deserve the fans. Fortunately for us, and unfortunately for the Coyotes, the metro area of Phoenix offers much to do. There are a great number of sports to watch from high school football to WNBA. There are mountains to hike. There are spas galore and many more options of what to do with our time and money. The people of Phoenix have so many options to choose from and some are weighing very carefully where their money will go in this tough economic time. The Coyotes need to win and get their name out there and prove that they are worthy of people’s disposable income. They will not do that with losses like Sunday night or barely hanging on to .500.

Monday, December 8, 2008


This entry may be very hard for me to write. I don’t think I have ever seen a worse hockey game then the one I witnessed last night. And I have been watching hockey for over 10 years. I am not sure I can come up with the words today.

Maybe I should start with the loss to St. Louis on Saturday. The good was Carcillo getting into two fights. The bad was pretty much everything else. Jovo didn’t play as badly as he has this season but he didn’t play great either. I don’t really remember much about this game, too much time has passed. Oh and Bryz looked slow. Honestly the best part of Saturday night was watching “Stepbrothers” after the game. If you haven’t seen that movie yet, I highly recommend it!

And on to last nights game…
They own us this year.
We have one more game to prove we can beat them.
But you can’t put Bryz in. This game was too much a reminder of his first game against Chicago as a Coyote.
Bryz. Slow. Out of position.

The first period the guys did come out strong and battling but after the first two goals went in, they gave up. I can’t say if I blame them or not. I would have given up after seeing the way Bryz was playing. After one goal, poor Z was laying on the ice and he looked so sad. Even Jovo had tried his hardest to stop the puck. Bryz was no where near the crease and he was practically facing the corner. How are you going to stop the puck from there hun?

Carcillo, Hale, Jovo and Turris all fought. It looked like Carcillo may have injured his hand a bit. He had to rinse it off in the box and then had a huge bag of ice for it. Hale wasn’t bad but wasn’t good. At least he had the courage to stand up for his team. Same goes for Turris. He tried but he’s not much of a fighter. And boy oh boy was Wayne made about that one! He even called a time out so he could yell at the ref some more. It was classic.

Ok, so have we learned a lesson yet? Bryz is not a starting goalie. He may have some skill but not enough to carry a team.

Wednesday we play Dallas. That should be a much better game for us. The boys didn’t play 100% last time and lost 3-2. If they play well, there should be no problem in beating Dallas. Avery will still be out.

Then Thursday and Saturday the boys return home to face the Wild and Redwings. I am not expecting much from these games. I just want everyone to show up and play.

I did not expect to make the playoffs. I did not expect to win every night. But I did expect that everyone would show up and play every night. That has not been the case. C’mon guys, show us fans what you can do!

Ok, I am going to go finish my lunch now. Word.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Coyotes 6, 'Leafs 3

The Maple Leafs came into town last night looking for a win but our boys just wouldn't let them have it. They kept battling back, eventually just steamrolling over the 'Leafs.

A big CONGRATS must be made to Martin Hanzal who scored his first career hat trick. Also, I read that his parents were in town for that. That is awesome they got to see it.

Telly started in net and was outstanding as usual. Gretz decided to put Bryz in net for the last period and the D saved his bum many times. At one point we had four guys playing goal. Z was doing the majority of it though. I felt like I was watching a horror movie during the third period. My body was tense and I was cringing away from Bryz (good thing I knew the person in the seat next to me or someone may have gotten the wrong idea...). Man that guy just makes me way too nervous when he is in net.

Carcillo and #56 got matching 10 minute misconducts with about two minutes left. They were jawing at each other all night. I guess the refs were sick of it? They should have just let them fight and be done with it. The crowd wanted a fight and it seemed the players did too. And #56 was just going after all our rookies all game. He deserved to be rocked by Carcillo.

Tiki and Fridge combined for a great goal in the third. The team looks like they may be finally coming together. I think Gretz needs to see that these lines are working (they may struggle at times but for the most part work) and leave them that way.

Also, Jokinen is still out and we have won the last 4 out of 5 (only losing to the #1 team by one goal). When he was in we lost 6 in a row. I'm not going to say anything more than that and let you draw your own conclusions.

Our D was off for about the first period and a half. They weren't giving Telly that much help but then something seemed to click and they played outstanding, even Jovo wasn't too bad (ack! Did I just say that?!?!).

The ‘Leafs fan in front of us enjoyed our cheering and taunting; he kept turning around and smiling at us. We even had him standing and cheering after our goals in the third. We also drowned out all the "Go 'Leafs Go" chants. They would start 'em up and we would start our own chants. We also have more people joining us in our "He shoots, he scores, hey goalie you suck" chant.

That’s all I got for now. Next up is St. Louis on Saturday and Chi-town on Sunday. We really need to be ready for Chi-town. It’s going to be a tough, physical game.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sean Avery Suspended

Sean Avery has been suspended indefinitely and I find it quite funny.

He basically called Dion Phaneuf's new girlfriend sloppy seconds, as she previously dated Avery (what is with her dating all the ugly hockey players? I guess that's ok, saves the cute ones for me).

The Dallas Stars said that even if Avery hadn't been suspended by the NHL, they would have done the same thing.

I think that is hilarious. As does Adam Carolla. He was talking about it this morning. He was making fun of Avery for calling her sloppy seconds. He said if she is sloppy seconds, turn on the microwave. Or something along those lines. I was cracking up.

Kings at Coyotes

Woohoo! We beat the Kings last night 4-2, which now puts us a point ahead of them. I knew we were better than them.

Where to begin? We had some great seats last night, about 6 rows back from the Coyotes penalty box. Too bad only Fridge was sent to the box but it was funny because he was shaking his head like, "I'm innocent, I wouldn't do that!". We had the fans around us cracking up as we were yelling things like, "Fridge wouldn't do that!" and "He's innocent Ref! Look at that face!" and other such none-sensical phrases that we yell when our players go to the box.

Let's see....what else about last nights game should I talk about? Oh yes, Telly (aka The TellyMonster and/or The Tellynator) started. He again stood on his head and did awesome. He also got lucky a few times when he ended up too far out of the crease. He also got a couple of standing ovations (hrmmmm you think the fans like him right now?). He also earned a start in Thursday's game against the 'Leafs. I wonder if he will go up against former teammate/yote Cujo?

Fivel, I mean Lisin, got a couple of goals. He also had some great hits. Rhino was outstanding, really trying to make something happen. Carcillo was on the prowl, but no one would go with him. Not even Rat boy who beat Carcillo's bum last season.

We really need to start watching Simmonds better. I know Doan got a great hit on him earlier this season, but that guy is only going to get better. We need to hit him more. He is going to be a force (he already has been in the rookie games and the couple pre-season/regular season games we've played them in).

I have also decided that from now on (or until I come up with a new word/saying) that when our player hits anohter, they have been rocked. You can also use rock in other terms, like Lisin rocked that puck past the goalie.

Another funny thing was when they were announcing the Kings starting lineup, the picture of Ersberg popped up and I yelped and jumped back in my sit and my friend also yelped. It was not a flattering pic to say the least. Even Anze (aka wearwolf boy) looked better!