Thursday, December 11, 2008

I wouldn't call this a GDT...

but it kind of is.

Tonight Mikko Koivu and the rest of the Minnesota Wild will descend upon the job. Hopefully the moment from last nights win will propel the Coyotes to finally beat the Wild.

My Keys to the game:
STOP CLUTTERBUCK. You know he will hit anything in a Coyotes uniform, he did last time. Maybe send out Fridge to do some damage/payback. Fridge was on a roll last night.

Also, put the puck past Backstrom. I know this will be hard to do, but I believe my boys can do this. In past games Carcillo (last season) and Jokinen (this season) have been able to beat him and I believe they can do it again.

Finally, we need everyone to show up and give 100%. No one should disappear, no one should skate lazy *ahem Jovo and Mueller ahem* and skate fast, hit hard.

If the boys do all of the above a win is a very realistic possibility. Unfortunately we are a team that needs everyone to show up and play hard. We can’t win with only a few guys giving it their all.

Short and sweet! I hope everyone comes out and enjoys the game!

On a side note:
Martin Hanzal was the NHL’s third star! He’s so hot right now.
The Coyotes have again moved ahead of the Kings in the Pacific Division.
They are 11th in the West and 20th in the league.
All I care is that we stay ahead of the Kings. We cannot let them beat us.


Ms. Conduct said...

It's not so much that they need to stop Cal as just stop letting him under their skin. No other team so far has been so easily agitated by him.

Though I'd be very sad if Fridge went after him. I don't want to dislike Fridge, but he's way too big to be going after Cal. I guess we'll see if Gretz is still holding a grudge. :) Looking forward to this game!

hipcheck said...

I don't think Fridge was discriminating last night but maybe Carcillo can go after Cal instead.

Pang was talking about how each player met with management/coaches after the 7-1 loss and went over their roll. He said it looked like Fridgey took that to heart.