Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Kings at Coyotes

Woohoo! We beat the Kings last night 4-2, which now puts us a point ahead of them. I knew we were better than them.

Where to begin? We had some great seats last night, about 6 rows back from the Coyotes penalty box. Too bad only Fridge was sent to the box but it was funny because he was shaking his head like, "I'm innocent, I wouldn't do that!". We had the fans around us cracking up as we were yelling things like, "Fridge wouldn't do that!" and "He's innocent Ref! Look at that face!" and other such none-sensical phrases that we yell when our players go to the box.

Let's see....what else about last nights game should I talk about? Oh yes, Telly (aka The TellyMonster and/or The Tellynator) started. He again stood on his head and did awesome. He also got lucky a few times when he ended up too far out of the crease. He also got a couple of standing ovations (hrmmmm you think the fans like him right now?). He also earned a start in Thursday's game against the 'Leafs. I wonder if he will go up against former teammate/yote Cujo?

Fivel, I mean Lisin, got a couple of goals. He also had some great hits. Rhino was outstanding, really trying to make something happen. Carcillo was on the prowl, but no one would go with him. Not even Rat boy who beat Carcillo's bum last season.

We really need to start watching Simmonds better. I know Doan got a great hit on him earlier this season, but that guy is only going to get better. We need to hit him more. He is going to be a force (he already has been in the rookie games and the couple pre-season/regular season games we've played them in).

I have also decided that from now on (or until I come up with a new word/saying) that when our player hits anohter, they have been rocked. You can also use rock in other terms, like Lisin rocked that puck past the goalie.

Another funny thing was when they were announcing the Kings starting lineup, the picture of Ersberg popped up and I yelped and jumped back in my sit and my friend also yelped. It was not a flattering pic to say the least. Even Anze (aka wearwolf boy) looked better!

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