Saturday, April 19, 2008

Weekly Playoff Update, Coyotes News, Rampage Info

I didn’t have much time to update this week. There were too many games on and I was trying to fit in some exercise and other errands.

Two teams have now moved on to the second round: Penguins and Rangers. As of this morning all the teams in the West are 3-2 in their series.

Caps are on the verge of elimination. I am watching the game as I type. Ovechkin just scored so they are leading 1-0.

Montreal is up 3-2 over Boston. I want Montreal to win. I’d like to see them advance to the finals and maybe even win the cup. I have like a man-crush on their goalie. Plus I think overall they are a good, solid team. Versus is actually going to show their game tonight!

Nashville had an amazing comeback and won both of their games at home to tie the series 2-2. Last night they lost in OT. They tied it with 45 seconds left in the third. Holy Shit. And let me just tell you, yes Ellis made 53 saves (or something ridiculous like that) but his dmen bailed his ass out countless times. Very early on in the first, Ellis got himself so far out of position that Detroit had pretty much a whole open net. Ryan Suter stepped in and got the puck out of there. It was amazing it that the puck didn’t go in. The series goes back to Nashville tomorrow. I hope Nashville can win again at home and then find some way to beat Detroit at home.

Current Leaders in West:
Colorado (C’mon beat those dirty Wild!)
San Jose (I want to see Cujo advance!!)
Dallas (Beat those quackers!!!)

Also, as far as I know, the Senators used Gerber in net for all their games. Now I know Emery is a diva and they were probably trying to punish him and send him a message, but if Gerber sucks PULL HIS ASS. He let like 4 goals in each game. Emery got you to the Finals last year. He’s a good goalie. By not playing him, you punished the rest of the guys. You didn’t give them the chance to win!

And I am cheering for whoever is playing the Pens next round. I don’t care who they are, I don’t want the Pens in the finals and I don’t want them to win the cup.

Ok, so random Coyotes news (thanks to the new video on the website):
Congrats to Keith Ballard. He will be getting married this August.
Also, congrats to Steven Reinprecht; he and his wife are expecting their first child this July.

And in Rampage news, they are now even with Toronto 1-1. Last night they won 6-3. Porter and Kolarik have joined the team. It seems they have found some chemistry and been welcomed to the team. I didn’t see game 1 but there might have been some adjustments with the new guys joining the team. Game 2 Kolarik had the hat trick with 2 assists from Porter. I believe the series moves to San Antonio for game 3 on Monday.

Wow. I can’t wait for rookie and training camp. It should be quite interesting this year! Rookie Camp: July. So, only about two and half months. I can wait that long. I think. I will break it up a little bit with a vacation in early June. I read somewhere that training camp will start September 19, so only 5 months. I. Can. Handle. That. I think. Haha

Well, I am going to watch the Caps beat the Flyers and then hit the gym. Until next time!

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