Saturday, April 12, 2008

Playoff Post 2

Well, Nashville has lost both games so far to Detroit. The series now moves to Nashville. I’m hoping that Nashville can get the two home wins and come back to beat Detroit on the road. I continue to be impressed by Ryan Suter. His passing is so spot on. I still want to trade for him! J I know, I know, it will never happen.

In Friday’s action:
Pittsburgh beat Ottawa again. Come on Senators, kick the crap out of those dirty, whiney, spoiled players! (Can you tell I don’t like the Penguins?) This game wasn’t broadcast on my cable, so I didn’t get a chance to watch it.

Washington and Philadelphia, great game! I thought the Caps were going to lose it but Green gets his second goal to tie it. Then Ovenchicken comes in and gets the game winner. It was a good, physical game. Fast paced. Although, this game again showed how dirty Daniel Briere is. I’m actually glad he was traded, even if the Coyotes knew he would be great in the new NHL I wouldn’t want him here. I’m glad I was able to see this one. I swear I saw the guy that cried at the game my friend and I went to in DC. It looked just like him and his wife. It also looked like it was in the same area. Weird. Also, if I remember correctly Ovechkin is in a class with Gretzky. Both are the only players to get 2 points in their first playoff games (both had 1G and 1A). Huet was getting pissed. He did not want any Flyers in his crease. I love Huet. I wish he had been there when I went.

I didn’t get a chance to see the Minnesota/Colorado or New York/New Jersey games. Damn Minnesota won. So did New York. I want Colorado to take out Minnesota already! I also want New York to win even though I have a friend that is a Jersey fan. I just love Henrik and Sjo!

Montreal takes Boston in game two. Another good game. Carey Price just continues to impress me. He is an amazing goalie and just 20 years old! I really would like to see Montreal move on; they have an amazing team this year. There was a lot of pushing and shoving going on this game. I thought a fight was going to break out. This game went to overtime (damn it). I thought for sure Montreal had scored with like 1 second left in regulation but it bounced off the post. OT goal by Montreal! The Canadiens take this one in OT thanks to their Captain. It was a sweet, sweet, sweet shot!

Later tonight it’s Stars and Ducks. Ducks totally embarrassed the Ducks; I hope they can do it again. It would be nice to see Turco advance. I will probably watch this game as it’s on and there is nothing else on, on a Saturday night. Eh, maybe I will watch a movie.

It’s nice to see the refs just letting the guys play. I wish they would call like this more during the season.

Up Next
Montreal at Boston
Philadelphia at Washington
New Jersey at New York
San Jose at Calgary
I am recording the Caps and the Rangers games. I don’t really care about San Jose; I see them enough. Montreal isn’t on my cable. L
I’m going to be a little busy tomorrow. I’m not sure that I will be able to watch the games right away or post.

Pittsburgh at Ottawa
Detroit at Nashville
Minnesota at Colorado
I have my DVR set to record Nashville and I think Colorado. I will probably start watching Nashville when I get home from work (it’s an early day!) and I don’t know if I will actually watch the Colorado game. I just can’t stand watching the Wild. They are so boring! Pittsburgh and Ottawa are not available on my cable. I should be able to update at this point!

Summary (as of 7 pm on Saturday April 12, 2008):
Canadiens lead 2-0
Capitals lead 1-0
Red Wings lead 2-0
Colorado/Minnesota tied 1-1
Penguins lead 2-0
Rangers lead 2-0
San Jose/Calgary tied 1-1
Stars lead 1-0

I watched part of the Norte Dame/Michigan game. I was impressed with Summers. He has an amazing shot from the blue line, hard and accurate. I don’t know if he should stay at Michigan another year or try for the big team (and probably end up in the A – which wouldn’t be a bad thing for him). Porter and Kolarik have some great chemistry together. Porter had a sick pass to Kolarik for an amazing goal. Michigan ended up losing but Porter was named the recipient of the Hobey Baker. Congrats to him. From what I have heard, they are probably headed back to Michigan to finish up the semester. Maloney would like to sign them and get them into the playoffs with the Rampage. I am not sure when their school year is done so I am not sure this is possible.

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