Saturday, April 19, 2008

Holy Shit

I wasn't planning on posting again today, but the Montreal/Boston game just finished and I just wanted to say how amazing that game was!

Boston ended up winning 5-4 but it was back and forth all game. All of the goals were just pretty. I couldn't believe how great each goal looked. Wow, what a game!

Chris Higgins had two goals for Montreal, as did Phil Kessel for the Bruins. Lucic had a big goal for Boston.

As much as I want Kessel to do well (he is a Wisconsinite) I don't want the Bruins to advance.

This was a nerve wracking game. I am looking forward to Monday's game. It will be on Versus, so I can watch.

Next up, Colorado and Minnesota. Come on Colorado, kick the crap out of the Wild! I don't want another game 7!!!

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