Sunday, March 16, 2008


I am currently on an emotional rollercoaster with this team. So many ups and downs. But they are my team and I still love them.

Another loss last night. And too bad all the teams that would have helped us by losing, won. So we are currently 5 pts back from the 8th spot. Still do-able, but a strech none the less.

The guys just didnt seem to have any energy or jump at the start of the game. They looked slow and not as energized during warmups too.

The jerseys they wore are up for auction. When I looked this moring Gretzkys was up to like 659 or something followed by Carcillos at like 350. Then of course Mueller and Doan were up there (i think around 150-200) but most were still at the starting bid of 100.

I dont really have too much to say about the game. I have kind of blocked it from my memory. I do remember Yandle making a lot of errors and leading to Oilers goals. I remember he had a big hit though too. I remember some calls on the yotes that I was like WTF? And looking at the replay, there was nothing there.

Tomorrow we are up in Vancouver. Lets get the win and end the series 3-1 yotes. We totally dominated Vancouver the other night, lets do it again. Then its Edmonton on Tuesday. Hopefully are amazing road record contiues and helps us get the win in Edmonton.

Ok, thats it for today. Word.

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