Friday, March 14, 2008

The Boys Are On Fire!!!

And with Carcillo back in the lineup they had the jump and energy they needed to win this game.

Where to start? Pyatt was looking for a fight with just about every coyotes player. Vrbata got pissed and actually took a penalty. I swear he hasnt had a penalty in forever. He was way more noticable today but it looked like he made the same shots on Louongo all night. He should have switched it up and surprised Lou.

Lisin was awesome. Hes hitting, going in the corners, plus hes quick and skilled. He really took to heart the call-ups and send downs. Good for him.

Im really starting to like Hossa. Hes just good on PK and defensively. Hopefully he can get some goals for us. But if not, thats cool. I like what im seeing from him.

Carcillo's fight was awesome. He totally dominated and then tried to skate away and burrows pulled him back in. His little move after really got the crowd going. After that, they were much louder than the vancouver fans. He got a misconduct but so did Boynton. And Boynton put us more in a bad position because Yandle also got a 2 min penalty, so we were down 2 dmen for 2 mins and then 1 for 8 min. And Jovo was having one of his bad games. Just what we need, more jovo out there. And ballard and morris were already working their asses off. So I think Boynton should have known better and not gotten the misconduct which put them at much more of a disadvantage than Carcillos.

Lets see, a fan got kicked out. One of the canucks sprayed water through the seam in the box and got a girl all wet so the fan decided to dump beer on him. Now, I dont believe that the beer should have been dumped, but the player should not have gotten away with squirting fans, especially a little girl. He should have been given an extra penalty or made to leave the game. its uncalled for. I mean Avery did something simialr recently (i believe he threw a water bottle into the crowd) and he was fined. I didnt see a single thing on this player being fined for this incident something should have some of this.

Speaking of things that should have come, Pronger needs to be suspended. He does a dirty stomp and gets CRAP. Simon does it, gets 30 games. Pronger gets away with a lot of shit and someone needs to call him out before someone gets seriously hurt. The NHL has been handing out suspensions like crazy, so why not Pronger?

Ott got a couple games. BGL got 3 games for his elbow to the head. He knocked a player unconcious. Theres a trade Im glad we made. BGL was a waste of space. He still is. As far as I know, he hasnt done much for the Pens either. The pens fans are all talking about how we got the better end of that trade and id have to agree.

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