Sunday, March 23, 2008

Weekly Summary

I had a busy week, so no time to update from all the games this week.

Monday: Ballard and Carcillo appeared to be the only 2 players to show up.
Once again the refs show their bias and send Carcillo to the box for shit calls. Ballard throws a nice clean hipcheck and injures a guy. Im sorry the guys hurt, but it was clean hit no matter what that the Canucks fans are calling for his head. It was not knee on knee. Carcillo scores the only goal for the yotes and has a lot of other close calls.

Tuesday: This game wasnt on tv, so i had to listen to the radio broadcast of it. Im not sure why Bryz was started. For whatever reason, he cant beat the oilers. Anyway he was pulled and Telly put in. Even though that wasnt that much better. We tied it 4-4 but somehow ended up giving up four more goals to make it 8-4. Very disappointing. Although the only good thing about radio only is i can listen to Louie.

Thursday: Kings. WTF? How did we give up a game to the Kings? In a shoot out of all tings. jeesh. This is the game that Carcillo got a game misconduct and a major interference call. BULL SHIT. The dude wouldnt have been injured if he wasnt wearing a visor. And since when is a small cut on the nose where the player comes right out next shift and scores a goal an injury? Its a freaking scratch! Ballard came through with the tying goal at the end of the game. Go Bally! In OT we have to kill a penalty but pull it off and go to a shoot out. Gretz rewards Bally by sending him out first. But none of our guys can put it past their swede. Damn that guy is going to be an amazing goalie.

Saturday: The ducks. Wow. How much did the ducks pay the refs? Must have been a pretty penny. Vrbata needs to do something. His stock is falling and fast. Kapi and Carcillo and Lisin had an amazing game. Those 3 have really developed some chemistry. Earlier in the year i didnt like Carcillo with Kapi but something has changed and they get some really nice passes to each other. Carcillo crashes the net and between him and Lisin are creating some great chances. Now if only our other lines could put someone in front of the net. Weller did an amazing job at that earlier in the year, why did he stop that?

Well, next up is the sharks on Tuesday. Hopefully we can still have a chance and win a few here. I dont care about draft position this year. We have a ton of picks and it seems like we have some good scouts. I want the guys to finish on a high note. Get some goals, get some wins, show the fans that you arent folding under pressure. At least we can be entertained if Carcillo has some good fights. His fight last night was AWESOME. He totally dominated that dude (who was 6'3!)

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