Saturday, March 1, 2008


So, I got my NHL catalog in the mail yesterday. And I was flipping through it and discovered that Alyssa Milano has her own NHL Clothing line for women. To me it looked like something puck bunnies would buy, thinking they look cool. So far, Im not muich of a fan of any of the nhl womens merchandise. The pink jerseys? I would never wear that. The totally "blinged" out stuff? Never. Wow, the NHL just doesnt know how to market to actual women hockey fans. I like that they have women size regular jerseys. But I dont want to order one. I dont know what size I would be, yet the team shops dont carry the womens jerseys. I do like the zip up hoodie and yoga pants they have, but at those prices I wont order them. Again, I dont know how they will fit me. And its a hassle to return things you order online.
They also have these new purses (made from license plates) that they are charging over $300 for. They arent even cute purses.
I would love if the NHL went for some more womens styles, but didnt make them to the extreme of say Alyssa Milano's line (i want to say its called Touch, but i could be remembering that wrong). I like the idea of a jersey cut for women, but have it available other places besides ordering from a catalog or online.
The team stores have a little different selection of womens hoodies, but none are zip up. So I dont know if it would fit the same or not. As a woman, I want to support my team, but at the prices and hassles of having to order online? I just cant bring myself to do it.

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