Friday, February 29, 2008

Coyotes Sweep Blues!

Last night the coyotes beat the blues 2-1 to sweep the series. Bryz played outstanding, both are goals came on the power play in the frist. After that, the power play kind of fell apart.

Jovo got a goal. But i swear he thoguht before that we werent on a powerplay and that there was going to be an icing call. he just slowly skated towards the puck, meanwhile a blues player saw and went flying down the ice. luckily jovo was able to beat him to it.

carcillo looked like he might have hurt his knee again, but he came back after a bit and played well.

hossa was definatly more noticable last night. although, so far im missing freddie. i didnt really like the line combos last night, but i think gretz is still tweaking them.

if we are going to beat the flames tomorrow night, we better play a hell of a lot harder and faster and better than we have been.

ok, well thats all i can think of at the moment, so a short entry. tomorrows game starts at 8. im hoping we can just win in regulation and call it a day.

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