Monday, March 3, 2008

Random Stuff

The coyotes lost again saturday night. There were so many things that i would like to change about the team/play from the last couple of games. So here goes, my changes:

1) Stop passing across the ice. Pass up the ice. Ive been watching some games (rangers/flyers, caps/bruins) and what do the teams do? they have good passes up the ice which creates good scoring chances (8 of them so far for the caps, ok , make that 9)

2) Stop the dump and chase. Im sick of this move. the other team always beats us to the puck. and why are we doing this on the power play? we have an extra guy, we shouldnt have to dump and chase

3) Get in front of the net when you are in the other teams zone. The only player we have who has consistantly planted himself in front of the net is Carcillo. With him out on Saturday, i dont remember seeing anyone consistantly getting in there and looking for the rebound. They all stand around the perimeter and practice their passing. You can pass, we get it. Now shoot and get some freaking goals!

4) Dont stand behind your own net for what seems like hours. Settle the puck down and get out of there. Catch the other team doing their line change and take advantage.

Which leads me to 5) Make quicker line changes!!!! They seem so slow when switching lines. And the do it every 2 seconds it seems. Comparing the yotes line changes to any other team and our guys seem like they are skating in molases.

and 6) Be physical. Dont be afraid to hit or be hit. When they play physically, they seem to have a better game.

Now, this is all my opinion, obviously. I dont have anything factual to back this up, just my own observations and those of others i talk to and/or read.

I dont know what happend to Joel Perrault, but he looked just bad saturday night. He looked chicken shit all of a sudden. This is the same guy who was pushing Pronger, starting the scrum in San Jose. Im wondering if he got a little hurt Thursday night in Chicago. He took a couple really hard hits that game. If so, thats fine but then dont leave the puck just sitting there for Iginla to grab!

Jones made me remember why i wanted Yandle in the lineup. Hopefully Yandle got a good dose of reality as the scratch saturday night.

Lisin was recalled for emergency purposes. Besides Carcillo, York is injured. He got a hip pointer in Saturdays game. Im glad that York is out (not glad that hes hurt) I just havent been impressed with his play much. Im also glad Lisin will be given another chance. (trade chip for the future maybe? maybe to see if hes ready for the big club?) I say put him in the top 6 and move Hossa down to the bottom 6.

Hossa has pretty much been invisible for me in the games. I only notice him on the PK and maybe once or twice in full strength.

And can i just say boynton is one of my favorites purely because hes not afraid to speak his mind? I guess he called out some of his teammates (not by name) and just basically said some of them have, more or less, given up. I love that he is brutally honest. I get sick of all the players/coaches pussy-footing around. Tell me like it is. i just wish boynton wouldnt take some of his stupid penalties, but thats part of his character/game and i deal with it and move on.

Ok, well i think thats enough for now. I started off not having much to write and apparently i had quite a bit to say.

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