Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Hiring at Coyotes HQ

Sean Burke was hired as "director of prospect development". Neither azcentral nor the coyotes website states what that is. My guess (and appears to be the guess of others) is that he was hired to help montoya, tordjman and maybe some of our other goalie prospects. Someone said he might have been at the Rampage practice, but she wasnt sure if it was him or not as she didnt get a good view. He also has the time to help in business operations as a liason for corporate customers and season ticket holders. Again, job description not included. Im not sure if his liason to STH includes all or just corporate STH. Or exactly what it is he is going to be doing for the corporate customers/STH.

I have never had a huge problem with my ticket reps. The only problem i had was when there was poor planning and decision making at the Bobby Hull signing. And even then, my ticket rep addressed the problem right away and got me the two autographed figures I waited in line for but did not receive. So, I was satisfied with that service. I think some of it boils down to how you approach your reps. Ive only heard one person complain and Ive seen this person in action and after having been in customer service/retail I know that the way this person goes about it, isnt the best way. People are willing to do things for you and give you things if you treat them with respect. But I digress.

In other news, Carcillo has a torn PCL. His quote from Jim G's blog on azc:
"It's a bit better, just frustrating," said Carcillo. "It was a complete tear of the PCL -- I guess that's the one you don't need when you play hockey, that's what they're telling me. I don't imagine how you don't need a ligament in your knee to play hockey, but I don't know.
" ... Obvioulsy, I don't want to have surgery, nobody ever does. It's kind of a last-case scenario, but I definitely want to come back and help this team get into the playoffs, but it might not be in the cards this year. So I've just got to wait and see."
It also said in the article he skated Tuesday and that it felt better. I guess we just wait and see. I hope its nothing too bad and hes able to come back before the end of the season.

There was no update on York, so Im guessing he is just day to day.

And from the sounds of it, Gretzky is going back to what worked before. Another excerpt from Jom G's blog:
Against Dallas on Wednesday night, Joel Perrault will center a line with Shane Doan and Peter Mueller; and Radim Vrbata is back with center Steven Reinprecht, with Marcel Hossa likely on the left wing.
The big line of Daniel Winnik, Martin Hanzal and Craig Weller joins forces again, and Niko Kapanen, Mathias Tjarnqvist and either Mike York or Enver Lisin comprise the remaining line.

I hope they give Lisin a chance. Let him play and let York rest. Obviously the coaches think York contributes more than I think he does but youve called up Lisin at least let him play.Plus it gives York a little more time to heal.

I didnt get a chance to watch the game on versus tonight. I believe it was the Penguins. I worked out instead. But i will be watching the Coyotes/Stars game tomorrow night. (Im going to get a quick workout before the 630 start time) So far we have 3 of the 5 wins. I hope we can win this series this season. We need a win tomorrow night and hopefully putting the lines back together will help out with that. Although, I did like the line of Winnik, Kapanen, and Weller.

The rest of the week brings Montreal, Ottawa and Game night. My brother and I will be going down for the backstage pass for Ottawa. Him and I will also be attending game night. I went last year and had a really good time. There is also a Don Maloney chalk talk before the Ottawa game, which again, my brother and I will be attending. So its a big week for hockey. Lets go yotes!

Oh yah, we also got our Season Ticket Holder packet for next year, which includes presale for the White Out. I still have hope that we can make the playoffs.

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