Sunday, March 9, 2008

The NHLs Most Hated Ref

I just had to take this pic last night. The announcement of his name is always followed by boos. There was an online petition last year to get him fired (I never heard what happened with this, obviously nothing mnuch though). People are always asking when is Magoo going to retire? Any call against the home team is booed when Magoo is on the ice.

Well, I will do a game/game night update later. I have to finish watching the Caps/Pens game. Im hoping the Caps win. Ever since I saw them play in DC, they have become one of my teams. And since they are in the east, I can root for them all I want! No matter who they play (well i dont know who i want to win when they play buffalo). There are times I hope the Preds lose, even though I like their team. Ok, enough rambling.

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