Saturday, March 8, 2008

A disappointing loss

The boys played really well for about the first 50 minutes or so against the Canadiens. Then they kind of lost it and took a lot of stupid penalties. We ended up losing 4-2. There were a couple spots where it seemed like Jovo forgot he was on the ice. He was kinda just standing there, then a puck (or player) would go by him and hed be kinda like "doh, im playing hockey".

I have now added a new favorite goalie to my list. Price. Damn that kid is amazing. I took 3 pictures (and then my battery was dying). Heres one of him, just kind of chillin like a villain. And the kid is just 20 years old. Very impressive.

Tonight its Ottawa. Im hoping we can get a win here. The senators have kind of been on a downward spiral this last half of the season. Although I am excited to see Spezza Heatly and Emery. I am really hoping emery plays. I think Gerber started against LA (and lost), so Im thinking (and hoping) Emery gets the start.

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