Monday, March 10, 2008

Senators and Game Night

It seemed the only good thing about the Seantors game was the second period. Well and my seats. Section 120 about 5 rows back. I had a good view of the goal. And Bryz for 2 periods. And I had a good seat, it was right on the corner so I had a little room on my right side and then no one sat on my left side, so I had plenty of room. But I digress. If the guys could have played like that the whole game, they may have won. Mueller and Wellers goals were awesome. Hanzal would have had a goal had we went high instead of going for between the legs. I wish Emery had played instead. But Heatly got taken out by a Ballard hip check right in front of me. That was sweet. There were some missed calls and some questionable calls. Perrault was right in front of me, he did nothing when he got a penalty. The non-call when Z went down right in front of me, that was definatly charging. The second Ottawa goal, Bryz was pissed. I thought he was going to break his stick. It seemed our d-pairngs and lines were getting juggled like mad. The powerplay was weird too. The usual second string guys were out first. We were back to using 2 dmen instead of 1 and Mueller playing the point. I got to go downstairs after the game and was able to meet Heatly and Emery. Plus a bunch of our guys.

Yesterday was Game Night with the Coyotes. That was a lot of fun. I got my picture with the Stanley Cup. While we were in line for the pic, and Bryz walks up with his kids. And they were sitting in the cup and getting some pics with it. It was cute. I was glad I was in line to see that. We got lots of pics and autographs. Grant Hill was there. We were walking around and all of a sudden my brother was like holy shit and i look over and its Grant Hill! Gretzky was there only for a short time. Of course his line was a mile long. Rhino signed my brothers UW hat and put his UW number on it (27 not 28). You were supposed to "tip" the players but most of them didnt care and sometimes their little people werent near them. I went to give it to Vrbata and he was like, no dont worry about it. Carcillo didnt know where his person was, so he was like just put it here. Maybe he wanted to pocket it. haha. Bryz looked so serious when he was walking around but in pics hes got a big grin on his face. Hanzal was hard to get and so was Mueller. I ended up not getting Mueller. He was the only one I wanted that I wasnt able to get. When I was standing in line to go inside Joel Perrault walked right by and no one seemed to notice. I saw this guy from a distance and I was like oh hes cute and as he got closer i was like damn thats Perrault. But no one around me was paying any attention. Winnik was a nice guy. I got my pic with him because my mom thinks hes cute. He was clean shaven last night. So was Boynton. Boynton had his kids with him. He was helping his little gril bowl. It was too cute. His wife/girlfriend/whatever she was, was there too. So was Weller's wife and Jones'. Jones' and Rhino's wife have baby bumps. When Carcillo was leaving some guy was asking him to pretend like Carcillo was punching him in the photo and then the guy went, actually you can punch me for real. I deserve it. I was cracking up. So was Carcillo. I didnt see if he did the fake punch as we were just walking by but it was quite amusing. Lisin was there too. He looked like a little kid and kind of out of place, like he really didnt know what to do (this is how hanzal looked too). Kapi and York were easily accessible. There was barely any one ever around them. TQ was wearing a Freddie Sjostrom hat. Hossa seemed like a nice guy. Ive determined him and his brother look very similar. Im still giving Hossa a chance. Hes coming back from an injury and hasnt had time to gel with a line. Hes been on a few different lines since coming here, so no time to get any chemistry. Hes definatly been more noticiable the last couple lines, once he was taken off the top line.

In other good news, according to AZC, Carcillo will be back either Tuesday or Thursday. So hopefully that will give the team some jump again.

Well, I think I wrote enough for now. Tuesday is Ducks at Coyotes. Thursday Canucks, Saturday Oilers. We will see how we do in these next games. By the time these 3 are done we should have a good idea if we are going to make the playoffs. The way weve been playing lately, it seems unlikely. But there is still hope!!!

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