Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Trade Deadline

Well, the coyotes didnt do too much. They made one trade with New York Rangers. Pretty much an even trade.

Sjostrom, Gratton and Lenny for Hossa and Montoya.

NY media is reporting the coyotes are giving them a conditonal pick too. I havent been able to confirm that with any other sources. And now the NYR website isnt loading that page.

Overall a pretty uneventful day. Im a little disappointed we didnt get rid of York for something but what can you do. Im glad Vrbata is here. Hopefully we can resign him to a reasonable deal before July 1.

**Edit** according to Jim G on AZC, Vrbata says the issue isnt money. Money hasnt even been brought up yet. According to the blog, Vrbata wants a 3 year deal. So length, not money, seems to be th issue.

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