Monday, February 25, 2008

Blues @ Coyotes

Last night the coyotes played the blues and won 2-0. I sat behind the coyotes bench about half way up. They were some nice seats and i had a good time.

the guy to my left was totally drunk. he kept yelling lets go red wings. and then the blues fans next to him were like "uhh the red wings arent playing" so then he rotated through "lets go blues", "lets go coyotes" and "lets go redwings". He decided he didnt like me after i cheered for an amazing hit by ballard that this guy took offense to. Me and his friend were like it was a totally clean hit! and then he started calling me a bad girl or mad girl or someting. so i just shook my head and laughed. his friend was like yah dont mind him hes had a little too much to drink. but they were quite interesting to sit by (i think the non drunk one had smoked some pot before the game). ive had some good times at the last couple games. I met some nice guys from green bay and a woman from tuscon on friday. i had crazy drunk man by me on sunday. interesting, very interesting.

Carcillo and Ballard seemed to be handing out the hits like crazy. Ballard had two amzing hits that knocked the guys flat. York decided to take out Pang while trying to get on the bench. That was hilarious. byrz made some amazing saves. he lost his stick a few times and at one point he made the best glove save ever. he was worrying me a little with all his flopping around but he got the shut out.

again, i felt there were some questionable calls and non-calls. as did the 2 people i went with. and the guy next to me that smelled like pot.

apparently, the new rumor is trading vrbata to nashville for a dman and center (Marek Zidlicky and Jared Smithson respectively). its from ESPN and everyone knows espn isnt the best for hockey news. plus, in the post game maloney stated that the next step would be speaking with vrbata come the off-season. unless the plan is to flip him for the remainder of the season and resign him in the off-season. although, i dont know how well trading vrbata will do for getting us to the playoffs. and the dman from nashville isnt even suter. and i think getting another dman would mean that we would have a deal in place for one of our other dman. so who would go? jovo? very unlikely. he has been an offensive threat as of late (still has his brain farts though) and hes got the no trade clause. morris? hes been amazing for us this year. that shot on friday? AMAZING. Ballard or Z? i cant see either of them going. Maybe jones, but were not going to get much for him. Yandle is going to be a big part of the future team. he needs a break though. hes either trying to hard or hes losing confidence. i think he should either be a scratch or send him down to SA for a few games and let jones play. i forgot about boynton. but ive been loving him for the most part lately. hes been physical and tough. although he did take at least one bad penalty, i still love the guy.

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