Thursday, February 28, 2008

Another Loss

The coyotes lost to the blackhawks 1-0. Their goalie just played a phenominal 3rd period (of course thats our best period too).

The first two periods were FLAT. they flat out sucked. Although i did like the line of carcillo-rhino-doan. they made some good chances. had some good hits. i really think i just like rhino and carcillo together. those two with vrbata did well too. I didnt notice hossa until about the middle of the third period. He was out with perrault and mueller to start. (not a good line). Then gretz did some line shuffling and put hossa with hanzel and vrbata. he did much better there.

Yandle needs a night off. hes getting worse. im not sure what his problem is. he started off well but has been tapering off.

Ok, well tonight is the Blues again. Hoping we can win this on to sweep that series. Im not counting on it though. especially with the way theyve been playing.

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