Saturday, February 23, 2008

dear god this was a horrible week for a coyotes fan

tuesday. flames. i. dont. even. want. to. talk. about. this. such a disgrace. carcillo was getting used and abused. we got crap calls. we had a perfectly legal goal taken away from us. ugh. enough about that.

friday night there was a 12 round shoot out against colorado. unfurtanatly we couldnt complete the sweep. Morris goal at the end of the third was fierce. too bad we spent most of OT killing a penalty (too many men, jesus that should have never happened!) I agree with the GMs, OT penalties should only be a minute long. It makes sense.

Don Maloney has assured us (in many places) that he will not be making any moves for a rental player. He is standing firm on the plan and i like it. i dont want a rental player and i dont want to give up any young guys. I mean if he could work out something with say York, Sjostrom, maybe Kapi or Ziggy, Id be all for it. And Id be willing to give up one of our 6 picks in the first 3 rounds too. But other than that I doubt anyone goes. Mueller Hanzal Wheeler Carcillo are all pretty safe. (I include wheeler in that because that is what anaheim wanted for bryz) Mueller Hanzal and Carcillo are constantly being mentioned as the young guys and the future of the team.

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Chris said...

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