Sunday, February 17, 2008

Coyotes beat Kings

Despite some really crap calls, the Coyotes were able to win this one.

Joel Perrault gets called for goalie interference when he gets shoved by a king and then the goalie grabs him and wrestles him to the ground? Whatever. After that call, they were all just ridiculous. How can i take a ref serious who calls crap like that? And Carcillo gets an unsportsman like conduct. What did he do? I didnt see him do a thing. Doan was out arguing that one for a long time after the perioded ended. If his team thought he did something, Doan wouldnt have argued that long. I feel Carcillo did a good job controlling himself tonight. Again, it seemed like the Kings and Refs were all over him, taunting him and he held his ground.

Perrault got a very sweet goal. Im still surprised that went in. Vrbata got a goal too. I like the fact that our goals come from all different lines. Its not just one line. And Im really liking the lines Gretz has now. I like Vrbata Reinprecht and Carcillo. It just works. Carcillo crashes the net, Vrbata and Reinprecht have some major skills. And I like Kapi with Weller and Winnik. Kapi provides the skill and being with those two guys he gets a little more room and protection. Hes such a small guy that being with two huge physical guys really helps him. I cant decide if I like Kapi or not. I used to say, Id like him if he had a few more inches/pounds on him because you cant deny his talent. But now with those guys, hes really found his niche.

I thought Ziggy should play over York. I have fallen out of favor with York. I thought he did some good things early on in the season but now it seems he just falls down. a lot. im hoping gretz plays ziggy like every other game or so. i thought he played well against the stars.

Jovo keeps leaving forwards to manage the blue line. at one point last night, hes in the play and theres two forwards on the blue line. wtf? seriosuly jovo, im still not liking you! at least one of the forwards was mueller, and hes been doing a good job out there. but the last two games ive notice jovo leaving the blue line and carcillo has been covering it, not sure if i like that idea.

Ballard and Morris continue to impress, even though they have their moments. (not nearly as many as jovo though). Yandle does better when he relaxes i think. it seems like sometimes he is just trying to hard and thats when he makes mistakes.

I am so over Freddie. I dont even know what he was doing out there last night. hes definatly had better games.

Im guessing Telly starts tomorrow night, since we have back to back games. Bryz could use a rest. And Telly has been solid as our backup.

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