Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Coyotes at Flyers and Chris Simon

First off, I just want to say the suspension handed down to Chris Simon is retarded. He gets 30 games, which means he could be back in March and in time for the playoffs. This is also the longest suspentsion given by the nhl. The person who had the previous longest suspension? Chris Simon. Earlier today one of the articles I read said that Coach Ted Nolan called the suspension "extreme". And stomping on Rutuu's foot was not extreme? Nolan can support his player and still support the NHLs decision. I have no respect for the Islanders organization.

Now for the good news, Coyotes continue their win streak by beating the flyers 3-2. I was getting a little worried during this game as we were down 2-0 and usually we arent able to come back and win. But to those who say it was just luck, fuck you. At least two of those goals were pure talent. Yandle started it off by just being able to see the ice, see Biron didnt know where the puck was, and jumped in and hit it in. Then Doan started out on a breakaway, Sjo comes flying down the ice and Doan totally tricks the Flyers out by passing to Sjo and in it goes. And the last goal was a beaut from Mueller. There was a hooking penalty against Jovo, that so was not a penalty. All he did was take the puck away from a Flyer.

In other news, the Flyer fans didnt seem as rude or retarded as the Devil fans. They actually blamed their players and coach, not "oh the coyotes are just lucky" blah blah blah. A few of them of course had to say stuff about the coyotes sucking and getting luck, but you expect that from a few.

Tomorrow night we battle the Sharks in San Jose. They have definatly been a problem for us this year. Hopefully we can pull this one off. We are on a roll and have had tons of energy and played hard. Im going to guess it will be another close game.

Quote of the day:
"My son calls him 'Fast Freddie,' everybody does. Right now, he's hot and makes things happen." Shane Doan on Fredrik Sjostrom

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