Thursday, December 20, 2007

OT Loss

So, last season I thought I liked the point awarded for the OT loss. but now this year its really bothering me. This might be because last year the coyotes needed every damn point they could get. This year, we are the only team that has not lost in overtime/shootout. I believe we have gone to OT twice. Once we won in OT, the other in the shoot out.

Why are we rewarding a team for lsoing? No other sport (that I know of) does this. Could you imagine the nba saying, well you tried really hard in that first OT, so we are going to give you a point. Ummmm, no. I could just see the NFL taking this on too. Good try out there boys, just for tying it in regulation, we are going to give you a point for losing in OT.

Currently the coyotes are in 24th in the league. Being we have no OT losses, I decided to see where we would stand if there was no extra point awarded. Not giving the extra point would move us up to 23rd. But this was my math, so you know, might not be accurate. But it moved a hell of a lot of teams down. When you get 6 points for losing in 6 OT losses it can really boost your points total! Like we are playing the sharks tonight and they are 8 points ahead of us but 4 of those points come from OT losses. I just dont get how that is fair.

Therefore I think if the coyotes are going to lose, lets make it to OT at least. Then we get a point for not sucking as bad. Just kidding. Id rather win in regulation than lose in OT. How can you be proud of a point you were giving for losing? I wouldnt be.

I say we get rid of the point for losing in OT. It makes sense.

Anyway, the Coyotes at Sharks game will be starting in about 20 minutes, so I am going to go watch that. I will post an update tomorrow night about the game.

Quote of the Day:
I think Vrbata has been a big influence on Hanzal,” said Head Coach Wayne Gretzky. “He’s a true professional, and for Martin to have him as an influence in his hockey career is nothing but a positive. And Freddy has been one of our best players over the last five or six games.”

That one will have to do, I couldnt find the one I was looking for. It had to do with the VHS line, something about just press play. I saw it somewhere in the last couple of days but dont remember where. But i like that quote because i think vrbata has been good for the team and for hanzal.


LeftWingLock said...

I agree. There was talk last season of 3 points for a regulation win, 2 points for an OT win, and 1 point for an OT loss. While this still rewards teams for losing, it at least divides the points equally between the teams.

The problem with the current format is that it makes the game worth 3 total points if it goes to OT instead of the 2 total points it has in regulation. That is where the extra point screws teams that don't play a lot of OT games. Not every game is worth the same number of points.

Hell, you could lose every single game in OT and still have 82 points! Last season the Yotes won 31 games and had only 67 points. The Blues had 81 points and were ranked 22nd in the league.

hipcheck said...

damn, next season we should aim to get to OT and lose so we can have a guarenteed 82 points!

I sort of remember them talking about the 3 points. If they want to keep the OT loss point, thats the route they should go. evens the playing field a little more.