Monday, December 17, 2007

New Line Combos

So, I went over the the Coyotes website this evening as an easy way to get to the Thrashers website (i discovered a new dman today, a rookie and had to check out his stats) and what I saw was this:
"The VHS Line Recording Numbers"

They were of course refering to the Vrbata-Hanzal-Sjostrom line.

So I was emailing a friend and some new line combos just came to me (please keep in mind, i just put together last names, not positions, plus the yotes change positions like they change their underwear)

get it? ahahaha I amuse myself sometimes.


hipcheck said...

someone who refuses to comment here (why i dont know) suggested this line to me:


the WHY line.

(i told this person to comment here but they have yet to do it)

LeftWingLock said...

I forgot! I'm sorry! I'm an idiot! Be nice to me or I can take my backstage pass back... ;-P

hipcheck said...

oh crap! that would suck..

hey wait, i could just take back my backstage pass too.

LeftWingLock said...

Crap. No one is gonna win this argument are they?

hipcheck said...


lets just keep things as they are :)