Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Well, I went out to Washington DC this past weekend. It was a nice little vaca and I missed some Coyotes game. Apparently they were not too much to miss.

They lost to both the Preds and Blues. I heard Carcillo was one of the few players to show up and that Dmo chose to sit out the Blues game as he asked to be traded from this losing team.

Sunday I went to see the Panthers at Caps and am happy to report that the Panthers beat the Caps 6-2. Ballard got two assists and looked AWESOME out there. I love that guy so much. And after really watching the Panthers (since they weren’t playing my team) I realized there are a lot of great guys on that team. I hope they make the playoffs.

The Caps looked like the Coyotes. For once I was glad not to be on the losing end of a game. Listening to the crowd, they sounded just like Coyotes fans. The only player that really showed up was Ovie. Every shift he was out there you thought this is it, something is going to happen now!

Nick Boynton was scratched. Turns out he got into it with the Coach a few days before. That sounds like Boynton. He is not afraid to speak his mind and that is why I love him.

I am not going to say much about the trade deadline. I expected Dmo and Telly to go but it still hurts. Olli I am not sad to see go but I think we could have gotten more for him then two players that have 22 (or so) goals between them. And the biggest upset of the day? Carcillo to Philly. Wow. No one saw that one coming. At least he’s going to a good team. Flyers were my number one team before I moved to Phoenix.

Don’t be surprised to see this blog go in a new direction shortly. I no longer believe that Coyotes management is seriously trying to “build a winner” and go with a “youth movement”. They have been doing the same thing every year since I’ve been here. They keep repeating the same thing and trading off fan favorites. I ask, do they really want to put butts in the seats, do they really want to win? I also don’t think they can seriously build a winner until something is done with the coaching staff.

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