Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This needed it's own post....

Phoenix Coyotes (8-9-2)They need a wake-up call. The best way to deliver it: bench Ed Jovanovski. A veteran -- one wearing the A, no less -- on a young, struggling team, he has to make an impact. Instead, he's a major liability in his own zone, caught too often standing still or simply out of position. Of the 697 players who have skated this season, just five have a plus-minus rating more dismal than Ed's minus 10. It's often an overplayed stat, but here it tells the story.*

DAMN, what have I been saying all year? That's what I thought. I love being proved right. Take that bitches trying to tell me Jovo is doing just fine. He is continuing his stupidity from last season but he is not getting the goals and assists to (somewhat) make up for it. Ok, I am done gloating now. I love being right. :)

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