Friday, September 26, 2008

Time for Forwards and 13 Assigned to SA

After listening to Tuesday nights game, it appears we still have problems with that third period. If they want to make a serious playoff run they will need to fix that real quick. We aren’t going to win a lot of games by letting the other team win in just the 3rd period alone (see game against Detroit last year, totally thought we had them beat but they came out with energy in the 3rd and we came out looking like we died).
Also, Brodeur has been reassigned to his junior team. I expect a few more cuts in the next couple of days. Wow, I wrote that on Thursday and today there were a ton of cuts! 14 to be exact.
I may have been wrong about the goalies. It looks as if Montoya may beat out Tordjman as starter in San Antonio. Montoya has been playing really well and Tordjy not so much.

With the addition of Jokinen, we will have a pretty solid first line. Mueller, Jokinen and Doan will have talent galore and Jokinen will be a well suited match for the big Pacific division centers (Getzlaf, Marleau etc). Turris and Fedoruk will most likely skate together, which is good. Turris needs reinforcement on his link and Fedoruk can provide that. He is also a pretty good skater.
We have additional toughness with Carcillo and McGrattan. Expect McGrattan to spend a lot of time in the press box, coming out for blood when we meet teams like Dallas, LA, and the Ducks. He can take on the big guys that Carcillo struggled with last year (Ivanans). Carcillo will spend his time agitating and scoring goals (I’m thinking 20-25). He will fight but not like he did last year. I expect that the misconducts will be a thing of the past, as he seemed to learn his lesson after being sent down to SA. It does seem that Carcillo has taken his lesson to heart. It sounded as if the Flames were all over Carcillo like white on rice and he just played hockey.
Turris will most definitely make the team. Look for him to be on the 2nd line with either Fedoruk or Carcillo. He needs some protection. He is a naturally and reads the ice so well.
Lisin and Tiki (Chickenoff) are making names for themselves. I expect them to at least start with the big club. Lisin almost had the hattrick Wednesday night and Tiki got our only goal Thursday. Tiki didn’t seem to do that well during the rookie game but it looks like the nerves have worn off and he seems to be getting his game under control.
Boedker may make the team. I haven’t been impressed with his contribution to the games, but then again not being able to see the game makes a huge difference when trying to evaluate players. I expect him to see some time with the Coyotes. He may be another Mueller, get a good look at him, have him watch from the press box and see if he can adjust his game. If not, send him to where ever he needs to go.
I doubt MacLean makes the coyotes. He has not impressed in the rookie games, regular games or practice. His skating has vastly improved this summer. Send him to SA to work on his game at this level. Funny, I wrote this in the morning and I get home from practice to see that he got sent to SA. Boy did I call that!
Porter seems really composed out there. They have separated Porter and Kolarik and both seem to be doing well separately. Kolarik has just been sent to SA. Porter still seems to be doing well. He definitely has the hockey sense and poise to start in the NHL.
Hanzal still looks like he is hurting. He is still wearing the yellow “no contact” jersey. I hope they don’t rush him into playing before he is ready. I want Hanzal to be 100% or as close to it as he can be before coming back. He has so much potential, I don’t want this surgery to be the end of his career.
Zigomanis is still missing his damn tooth. It looks horrible. Other than that, I am not too impressed with Ziggy. I think he will end up in SA again. Or maybe DM will trade him. He lost his place last season and with the new young guys, I think he’s pretty much done as a coyote. It does suck a little, as he was the best face-off guy we had (beside No Panic Yanic, can we bring him back?).
Perrault currently has a concussion and hasn’t participated with any of the on-ice practices. He has been watching a lot of the on-ice practices. I can’t really evaluate not having seen him play. I am guessing he will come back in SA and then have to work his way back into the Coyotes lineup.
Rhino is actually looking pretty good in practices. Unfortunately with all the young guys and Jokinen, I think he’s been pushed down the depth chart. Rhino ended last season on a downward slide. He looks much better now and he was doing pretty well with some really bad passes today. I’m thinking he may be a trade sometime this year, maybe deadline. The only reason I see him sticking around all year is for that veteran presence. I believe he is UFA at the end of the year, so Maloney may try to get something from him instead of just letting him walk in the off season. I don’t see the Coyotes re-signing him at this point.
Winnik is looking good. His skating has improved so much since last season. I can defiantly see him making the team again this season. I have read some opinions that think he won’t make it with all the young guys, but with his improved skating, puck handling, and defensive minded-ness, I can see him on this team on the third line. Plus he is big, he hits and isn’t afraid to go into corners and fight for the puck.

Forwards that I think will be assigned to SA:
Garth Murray
Jeff Hoggan
Adam Keefe
Derek Nesbitt
Alex Bourret
I don’t have too much to say on these guys. I haven’t seen them play and they haven’t stuck out to me at camp except Adam Keefe. That’s because for a middle weight he is not afraid of anyone! He was left bleeding after a fight in Winnipeg and just came back out and kept checking the guy he got into a fight with. He is one tough guy.

13 players were sent to SA today. Here is the list:
Dave Spina
Simon Ferguson
Steven Goertzen
Francis Lessard
Adam Perry
Daine Todd
Sean Sullivan
Sean Zimmerman
Dylan Reese
David Schlemko
Drew Fata
Michael Stone (actually sent back to his junior team)

Hey MissConduct, can you watch Sullivan, Zimmerman and Reese for me? Those are probably my three favorite D. As far as forwards, watch Dave Spina, Kolarik and MacLean. No goalies sent there yet, but I'm guessing I will need you to watch Tordjman and Montoya too. Is this list too long for you? Thanks! :)

I just want to mention Tyler Johnson. He is about 5’7 but very scrappy. He wants to play and you can tell. He pushed himself through 3 big king players and controlled the puck. He is quick and will go to the puck, no matter where it is. He wants it and I believe he will someday make the NHL. At practice he was doing a drill with Hanzal and he was faster than Hanzal. It was just funny to see the tallest guy skating with the shortest guy. I love this kid and no matter where he ends up, he will do well and be a great team player.


Ms. Conduct said...

I'll jot the names down and do my best. I'm assuming if there's a priority, it would be defensemen first? I'm writing another article for on our guys so, I'll need to focus on them for the most part, but if anything your guys do stands out to me, I'll make a note. :)

hipcheck said...

Yes, d are my priority, especially reese and sullivan.

I completely understand if you don't get a chance to check out my guys. I can't wait to see your next article for