Saturday, September 27, 2008

Game Day!

Here is a quick game day update. I went to practice/morning skate today. I got a preview of the Power Play. Looks like the first unit is Doan, Jovo, Turris, Jokinen and Mueller and the second unit is Carc, Rhino, Bods, Tiki and Hale.

I made a point to try and watch Hale at practice today and he is not inspiring any confidence. He is partnered with Jovo tonight and I am not sure if that is a good idea. Hale just doesn’t seem to be to the level of skating and skill that the other 5 are at (DMo, Sauer, Z, Jovo and Ahnelov).

We are playing a more NHL/veteran heavy lineup for the first “official” home game. I haven’t seen a list of who the Ducks are putting out but hopefully with Bryz in net and the lineup we have, we can finally get a win.

Hopefully I will have a quick update after the game is over. Tomorrow I plan on working on my season preview/predictions for the D. There is practice from 9-1; I will be there.

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