Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Assistant Coach Hired and Blake Wheeler is a Douche

A couple of new articles I want to comment on have been brought to my attention.

The coyotes have hired a new assistant coach, Doug Sulliman. He was an assistant coach for the New Jersey Devils from 1990-1993. Between then and now, he spent his days on Wall Street. He also happens to be the brother-in-law to Mr. Don Maloney. Ok, a couple of interesting things there… First off, I am a little worried that they guy hasn’t coached since 1993. A lot of rules (and the game) has changed. He has been out of it for so long, is he really ready for this? Secondly, he is Don Maloney’s brother-in-law. That is a little suspicious. Family hiring can sometimes work out very well and other times can blow up in your face. I am reminded of the FOG era. Are we ready for that again? I am going to reserve further judgment until the season starts and I can see how this all works out.

I would have liked to have Toc around for a full season, but going to Tampa Bay might be a better opportunity for him to reach a head coach position. I wish him all the luck with the hodge-podge of players they picked up! Seriously, they have to have reached cap a long time ago and must be damn close to having 50 players under contract. They went crazy this off-season!

I have lost my respect for Blake Wheeler after reading this:

I had high hopes for the kid. I liked the kid. Then he chose to go to UFA and signed with Boston. I still liked him and wished him well as I didn’t know the reason behind his choosing to not sign with Phoenix. Now that I’ve read the article that basically says fans in Boston are awesome and know hockey and it’s a great hockey market blah blah blah (and then by default fans in Phoenix know jack shit and suck). I can’t respect that. Not one bit. So I am done with Blake Wheeler, spoiled little Minnesotan brat. Peter Mueller and Keith Ballard seem to love it here. I’m sorry you thought you are so much better than Phoenix but you’re not. I no longer wish you luck in your career but I will not wish harm on you like other Coyotes fans. Coyote’s fans, at least the ones I know, are very passionate and knowledgeable about hockey. If you are on our team, we will support you (even if we hated you previously) because you are one of OUR boys. Mess with our team and you mess with all of us! So Blake, you were wrong. Your loyal fans would have supported you and cheered you on like no other. We had faith in you, you believed in you, we were patient waiting for you. So have fun in Boston with fans that have no loyalty to you.


Ms. Conduct said...

Ouch. That was kind of a middle phinger at Phoenix... I'd be mad, too. Kinda like how Demitra is in Vancouver going Nanny Boo Boo at the Wild. Jerk.

hipcheck said...

Good riddence to him. We don't need guys like that in our locker room! Our teams are better off without the whiners.