Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Daniel Carcillo Finally Signed

Oh happy day! Today is my good friend Kate’s and my cousin Jeremy’s birthday. Happy Birthday guys! An early birthday present was given to those two… CARCILLO WAS SIGNED! It was announced late yesterday afternoon.

Actually, I was told Sunday night it was done and not to worry. I just didn’t want to write about it until it was confirmed. I am told that he was signed to a 1 way, 2 year deal for about 920K/season. Not a bad increase for him, he was making about 525K last year.

With the 2 year deal the coyotes will still hold his rights when it expires. It’s also a long enough time to prove that he has grown up and you will see the post-San Antonio Carcillo all the time. With McGrattan and Fedoruk, the pressure to defend his teammates will be taken off Carcillo. He will be able to focus more on his offensive prowess.

I would also be willing to bet that the Coyotes will see an increase in season ticket/partial ticket packages. I know a few people that were waiting to purchase their tickets until Carcillo was signed.

Good to see Carcillo is back! He brings a good energy to his team, plays his heart out every game, every shift. He is willing to stand up for his teammates and it seems the guys really appreciate him. Nothing seemed to get the guys up and playing again like Carcillo did.

I am definitely looking forward to the season starting. It looks like I will be heading to DC again. I am planning to catch a Caps and Panthers game. It’s another chance to watch Ballard, the hip check king! It looks like my friend might come for Valentines Day weekend to party and watch hockey. That will definitely be a fun time.

I am thinking about learning to skate. It would be fun and give me a good work out. AZ is willing to go with me sometime. I just need to find some time where I can go with her and she’s not at a lesson! Then maybe once I got the skating down, I would try out playing hockey. It would be a new challenge and lots of hard work but fun at the same time.


Ms. Conduct said...

Oh good. I'm glad all my bitching and moaning didn't scare you off of maybe wanting to play hockey. :) And even just skating is a great, fun workout. And living in an uber-hot place, it's especially a nice relief.

Congrats on Carcillo. You guys are gonna be fierce.

hipcheck said...

Actually all the bitching and moaning makes me want to do it more. I used to bitch and moan about dance but deep down inside, I liked the pain and finding muscles you didn't know you had. You just don't get that from a treadmill and weights. I want to do something. Dance, hockey, skating. I ruled out dance so hockey it is!

Yah, we need to be tough to compete in the West. And we need to protect the young guys. Man, the season can't get here fast enough!

The Hallmark Card said...

Happy 12th Birthday to Kate!