Sunday, June 22, 2008

Some Random Updates/Rumors

Ok, in my fervor over Ballard, I forgot a few other important updates.

The Predators have signed Ryan Suter. He got 14 million for four years.
From the article on the Predators website: “Ryan has established himself as an integral part of our team and one of our core players moving forward,” Poile said. “He has shown the ability to play in all key situations, including both special teams units.” He is a good dman and I will continue to follow him while he is in the NHL.

Also, the Preds trade goalie Chris Mason to St. Louis and resign Dan Ellis! It looks like they signed him to two years, 3.5 million. A nice quote from the Preds site (apparently he just turned 28): "For this to fall on my birthday is pretty special. I got the call from my agent last night, so that made yesterday one the better birthdays I've had and definitely one that'll remember for quite some time."

Ray Emery cleared waivers. Look for him to resign elsewhere (Spector’s mentioned Kings, which I wouldn’t mind). Teams are in desperate need of goalies and he has admitted he had some personal problems this last season. He can (and will) bounce back. He is too good of a goalie to not go anywhere. Maybe this was his plan all along. He gets bought out by Ottawa and then resigns elsewhere? Nice way to get out of Ottawa and make a little extra cash in the meantime!

According to Spector’s, Avery may be let loose by the Rangers. I also saw on there where he may go to Dallas. Do the stars really need a player like Avery? Do we really want Avery back in the West? I liked him just fine with the Rangers, we don’t have to see him all the freaking time and he seems to leave Doan alone!

Spector’s also says Hossa is still interested in Boston. I think he would be too expensive for us anyway. Not necessarily money wise, but terms wise. He would probably want a 5 year deal or something. Maloney isn’t one to hand out much more than 3 years.

This week is rookie camp. Unfortunately, my work will not let me have anytime off this week so I will be going only to the Saturday public practice. I will also be going to the signing on Wednesday night. As far as I can tell, the schedule has not been released yet, but I will post it when I get it.

The preseason schedule is out now. Again, there are three home games here and one in Winnipeg. Here is the schedule (from the Yotes website):

09/22/08 at Los Angeles Kings 7:30PM
09/24/08 (Winnipeg home game) Calgary Flames 5:30PM
09/25/08 at Calgary Flames 6:00PM
09/27/08 Anaheim Ducks at Arena 7:00PM
09/29/08 San Jose Sharks at Arena 7:00PM

09/30/08 at San Jose Sharks 7:30PM
10/03/08 at Anaheim Ducks 7:00PM
10/04/08 Los Angeles Kings at Arena 7:00PM

It looks pretty boring this year. Same damn teams we see all the freaking time. No home game until September 27?!? I may not make it that long...

The regular season schedule should come out sometime next month (fingers crossed). Once that comes out, I have some trips to plan. I also need to figure out when all my girls can come visit and take in a hockey game or two! We are so stoked about their visits already.

Well, I think that is about it for today.

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