Saturday, June 28, 2008

Coyotes Rookie Camp and My Own Top 30 Hockey Hotties

I went to rookie camp yesterday and then at home saw a video a girl put together with her top 25 hockey guys that she thought were hot. I was inspired…

First up, Rookie Camp.

Wow oh wow. Our future is going to be a-maz-ing. There are some really talented kids there. And after just a week, they are really starting to get a great feel for each other. Porter and Kolarik already have it, but Turris, MacLean, and Tikhonov were great together.

Ross and Summers kept catching my eye. They are going to be some great dmen in a year or two. It sounds like Maloney is keeping an eye on Ross and we might see him on the big team for a look-see.

Gistedt was fun to watch. He has a lot of talent too. Tordjman was great, as usual. Darling was funny to watch. He is sooooo tall (6’6), he looks almost awkward in net. He has a tendency to slide very far when crossing the net I noticed. That could be a problem if he gives up a lot of rebounds and can’t recover quickly enough.

There was a small group (besides the goalies) who arrived earlier and worked on their skating. MacLean and Staal were some of them. I wish I would have written this right after camp, as now I can’t remember everything I wanted to say. I took a few pictures. I haven’t uploaded them yet, but when I do, maybe I will post a few (if they are any good, I was having difficulties yesterday morning).

I am getting so excited for the season. 3 more weeks and the schedule comes out! End of August is the unofficial camp and then its training camp and preseason games in September! Man-oh-man, the summer cannot go fast enough.

Ok, so this girl made a youtube video of her top 25 hot players. She was obviously a Pens fan, as the list was dominated by Pens players. I disagreed with a lot of her choices (Malkin, Zetterburg, Staal etc). So I decided to try and put together a top 30 and get one player from each team and rank them. Feel free to discuss and disagree as looks are totally subjective.

So here is my list of the Top 30 Hockey Hotties (with a few honorable mentions at the end):

1.Daniel Carcillo – Phoenix Coyotes
2.Ryan Suter – Nashville Predators
3. Taylor Pyatt – Vancouver Canucks
4. Vincent Lecavalier – Tampa Bay Lighning
5. Keith Ballard – Florida Panthers
6. Ilya Kovalchik – Atlanta Thrashers
7. Derek Roy – Buffalo Sabres
8. Rick DiPietro – New York Islanders
9. Carey Price – Montreal Canadiens
10. Henrik Lundqvist – New York Rangers
11. RJ Umberger – Columbus Bluejackets
12. Jason Spezza – Ottawa Senators
13. David Steckel – Washington Capitals
14. Dustin Penner – Edmonton Oilers
15. Cam Ward – Carolina Hurricanes
16. Grant Stevenson – Calgary Flames
17. Andreas Lilja – Detroit Red Wings
18. Jose Theodore – Colorado Avalanche
19. Eric Ersberg – Los Angeles Kings
20. Scottie Upshall – Philadelphia
21. Adam Burish – Chicago Blackhawks
22. Nolan Schaefer – Minnesota Wild/Houston Aeros
23. Ryan Getzlaf – Anaheim Ducks
24. Milan Lucic – Boston Bruins
25. Brooks Orpik – Pittsburgh Penguins
26. David Clarkson – New Jersey Devils
27. BJ Crombeen – Dallas Stars
28. Marcel Goc – San Jose Sharks
29. I honestly could not find any good pics to make a decision – St. Louis Blues
30. Vesa Toskala – Toronto Maple Leafs

And a few honorable mentions:
Ray Emery – Currently with no team
Jim Slater and Tobias Enstrom – Atlanta Thrashers
Martin Gelinas and Dan Ellis – Nashville Predators
Fredrik Sjostrom – New York Rangers
Mike Green and Jeff Schultz – Washington Capitals
Kyle Brodziak – Edmonton Oilers
Eric Lindros – Retired (my first hockey love, I had to include him)
Mark Smith – Calgary Flames
John-Michael Liles – Colorado Avalanche
Chris Conner – Dallas Stars
Zach Parise and Brian Gionta – New Jersey Devils
Dominic Moore – Toronto Maple Leafs

This ended up being a lot harder than I thought. Some teams definitely have the better looking players! And some teams are really homely. Also, it’s a lot easier to spot a hottie in person rather then looking at their mug shoots and then googling to see if they are good looking. I welcome any and all suggestions! I’m sure there are players I missed.

I started trying to rank them by hottness but it ended up being random after about number 14. Even then some of the earlier ones can be switched around, so really this list is in no particular order!


Andrew J. Ferraro said...

Outstanding blog!
Keep up the good work ...

As an AHL beat writer, I keep up with the San Antonio Rampage since they play the team that I cover, the Houston Aeros.

Most enjoyable,

hipcheck said...

Thanks! Feel free to check it out any time and add any AHL info! I try to follow the guys with the Rampage but it's gets difficult to keep up with everything.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

Any time ... In fact, if you want me to send out a few paragraphs a week about the Rampage when hockey season starts, I would be more than happy.

Just keep my email address handy ( and I will get it to you when you need it.

I have an AHL/Aeros blog (Scoring for Houston) on the blogger network, so be sure to check that out when you get a moment.

hipcheck said...

Oh wow, if you could do that for me, I would be forever grateful! It would be a big help since I get preoccupied with the big team.

I am trying to check it out but I'm also on a coyotes board talking hockey and random stuff, so I am going back and forth! I just finished the latest entry.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

Any time ... hey, we hockey bloggers need to stick together with all that is going on these days. I help out some of the Wild folks too ...

Do you write for a living or is this just something you do on the side. I have been covering the Aeros for the Houston Chronicle since 2003.

hipcheck said...

This is just a side thing for me. I am trying to get better at posting more often. I get busy and this is one of the last things I work on.

A part of me always wanted to be a writer though, I took a lot of english classes in school.

DroppingTheGloves said...

Are you f*cking crazy? She just listed her hottest players!! If that is hockey "news" than you are just as much of an idiot as she is.

Plus her picks suck. She has no taste or talent.

DroppingTheGloves said...

Oh, and she doesn't write her own stuff, she paraphrases the local media and other NHL sources.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

What is your email address?

Ms. Conduct said...

Nolan Schaefer is the hottest guy in the whole Wild/Aeros system? Girl, I gotta get you on the Mikko Koivu bandwagon pronto. Nolan's not even the best looking Aeros goalie (Ahhh, my dear, crazy Brust... *drool*) Don't get me wrong, I adore Nolan for many reasons but there is zero swoonage factor for him in my book.

Anyway, nicely done. It is a hard task, I'll admit. Your Yotes are looking interesting this year, esp with the Jokinen addition (thank GOD he's off the table so the Wild will move on).

hipcheck said...

Ms. Conduct (love the name by the way), I was struggling with about the last 15 teams or so. I couldn't think of a single guy on the Wild that I thought was cute. And looking at the pics on the website isn't much help!

I found Nolan when I was googling another player, I tried to stick with the big clubs so I didn't really look at the AHL teams. But I will definitely check out the Aeros and Mikko. The name is familiar but I'm not seeing a face. Time to hit google images!

Ms. Conduct said...

Mikko's an NHLer... here ya go:

Delicious. Definitely the hottest hottie in the Wild system. His older brother, Saku, plays for Montreal and kinda got the doofus-face genes but probably is why you recognize the name.

hipcheck said...

Doh! Yes, now that you say saku I know why the name sounds familiar. I can't wait for the new sched. and we can see all the teams more often.

Oh dang girl, he is hott! How did I miss him?!

Mandeesa said...

Gurl, what about Ovenchicken?

Too Russian-serial-killeresque for you? :)

hipcheck said...

Ovenchicken is all yours baby! I don't want to get on your bad side!

I almost put Milan Jurcina on there for you but I would have had like half the caps team!

You need to find out where they at, so we can party with them this year!

Ms. Conduct said...

Ovie's sort of a "two face"... sometimes he's smokin' and sometimes he's just squirrely. He's always adorable though.

Welcome to the World of Mikko Koivu, Hip! I'm sure we'll play Phoenix a few times so you can check him out. He'll be the one playing left wing, right wing, and center all by himself because he's a superhero like that. ;)

hipcheck said...

Yah, at times Ovenchicken can be really hot and others butt ugly. But I love listening to him talk and I love his goal celebrations. Ugh, but he had one of the goals seen 'round the world against the yotes. (The other one was Nash this season, why is it always the yotes?!?!)

I will definitely be looking for him this season! I won't be able to watch Ballard chasing Gabby and getting fiesty with him anymore.

Ms. Conduct said...

Yeah, Gabby has his favorite "shadows" everywhere he goes. Ah, the price of being the Queen.

So the Yotes get all the jacked up goals scored on them. The Wild get all the hot goalies. Any goalie who needs to beef up his stats just needs to play us. It's like they all have a big red target on their chests and we put it there every time. Maddening, I tell ya.

And re: your post to my blog, I'm the same way. I appreciate a big save so much more than a goal. Goals are great because they help you win, but I dunno, a great goalie is a thing to behold and takes me breath away. I think I turned blue watching Turco in the playoffs this year.

Anyway, if you think you want to play hockey, definitely go for it. It's hard work and a little scary sometimes because ice is hard and it's not like you're a little kid where when you fall, you're not falling far. BUT, it's a great workout (even just learning to skate) and it feels like being a little kid! Good stuff.