Monday, February 11, 2008

*sigh* do i even want to write about this..?

so this was an interesting game. im very disappointed in the outcome.

the coyotes came out strong (much better than the last couple games) and scored a goal on their first PP. Kapi put it past Turco (assists from Joel P and Jovo). We held that 1-0 lead for the 2nd and half of the 3rd but just couldnt keep it. we ended up losing 2-1. We played hard, fast and physical. I feel we should have won this one. Bryz played outstanding. I think he let in 2 on like 44 sog. I was hoping he continued the shutout trend we had going against dallas this season.

The lines were just crazy tonight, it seemed like they were always changing. Carcillo started off with limited ice time, but it seemed he got more time as the game went on. Billy Thomas seemed to get limited minutes as well. He seemed a little invisible at times. This is the 4th time hes been called up this season. Im starting to feel bad for the guy. Im guessing he will be up here until doan is better. maybe splitting time with murley and/or carcillo? I think if Carcillo plays like he did tonight, they will keep him in. The minute he starts running his mouth, they should bench him.

Mueller and Winnik played amazing games. They both had some good scoring chances but turco was just too damn good tonight. Boynton got into a pathetic fight. i think he threw a couple punches and couldnt keep his balance at all. winchester definatly won that one. As much as it pains me to admit, Jovo made a great save. He came in behind bryz and got the puck almost right before it went over the goal line. We need to get better on the face off. I dont think we won any on the Dallas PP.

And in other news, Ottawa traded Patrick Eaves to Carolina. He is the son of Mike Eaves, current Badgers Mens Hockey team. This is the first big trade with the deadline looming. According to Don Maloney, coyotes are going to stick to the plan and not make any deals at the deadline. He said if he does it will be for the long term benefit of the team, not a rent a player type trade. Im hoping we can get something for York or Sjostrom or Kapi. Maybe Ziggy and Thomas and that lost Russian. Or maybe a pick. we got plenty in this next draft.

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