Saturday, January 5, 2008

This is where i sat Thursday night

Quote of the Day:
"Weller doesn't get there, that play doesn't happen," Winnik said. "You have to have your wingers try to find an opening."


LeftWingLock said...

Ziggy plays for the first time in ages and I am sick and can't sit there too. DamnJovo!!!

hipcheck said...

yup, definatly jovo's fault. he probably got you sick.

you were missed at the game. everyone likes you! they think youre nice. hehe

that and you respect the dancers. :)

LeftWingLock said...

I am nice. And cute. I totally rock and stuff when I'm not sick.

I respect anyone who has talent in their chosen field, whatever it may be. I like the dancers.

hipcheck said...

Damn Straight!!!