Sunday, May 3, 2009

Please sign the petition! It may be important.

If you feel hockey, specifically the Coyotes, should stay in Phoenix, please go sign the petition. We have no idea if the Coyotes are, or will be, leaving the desert but we want to get the ball rolling in case things get worse and there is a real chance our beloved team may be taken from us.

None of us know what is really going on but there has been many articles discussing the Coyotes financial situation. Apparently the NHL has paid the Coyotes debt to Glendale. Glendale is saying the NHL has taken control of the Coyotes. The Coyotes say the NHL has not taken control and of course the NHL has said nothing. So who does one believe? The Coyotes who can’t ice a team or get the balls to get a real coach? Or the City of Glendale aka a bunch of politicians? I don’t think you can trust either. And this is why people are worried.

I am not as worried as others. They are not going anywhere in the immediate future, which means we still have time to save our team. I am willing to do what I can, as long as it doesn’t involve spending a ton of money. I just don’t have the financial needs to do so at the moment. This petition may not be needed or it may just be a start. But I ask, if you are a hockey fan, to please go sign it. Thank you in advance.

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