Sunday, March 29, 2009

I haven’t written much lately because I haven’t had the time to really watch any games. The Coyotes had three home games, none of which I made it to. The weekday games (Tues and Thurs) I had errands I had to do and then Saturday I had such a headache, I would have died at the game. I will be going to the Stars game on Monday night and am stoked to see TUUUUURCOOOOOO.
Also, more bad news… Brian McGrattan is out for the rest of the season. He hurt his shoulder in his first game back. Poor guy. I hope he recovers quickly and gets back on his skates. I read recently that Big Mac is headed back home. We will miss him here and hope to see him back next season!
I saw bits of the Coyotes game last night against the Sharks. I was at the last Roadrunners game of the season (possibly of all time!). We had the Coyotes game on in our suite.

The Roadrunners played the Alaska Aces and it was quite the spirited/violent game.

Unfortunately they couldn’t get the win but it was not for lack of trying. I am going to miss these guys if all the rumors are true. I would hate to lose a hockey team here in the Valley.

At one point an Aces player threw down his gloves and totally sucker punched a RR like 4 times and this turned into a line brawl. The Aces goalie (I was calling him Lamborghini) was out of his crease making chicken wings at the RR. I think he should have gotten a penalty for that! If you’re gonna call our guy a chicken, don’t stand half way between center ice (where it was going down) and your crease, get your ASS out there and throw down! You are the chicken Mr. Lamborghini!

It was bittersweet to see the RR gather at center ice and salute the fans. If I wasn’t cheering for them… I might have teared up.
I guess the Coyotes lost last night. I was too tired when I got home to finish the game, went right to bed. But I did see Kurt Sauer’s first goal of the season last night!!! Way to go Kurt!

I also saw Winnik get in a fight. Man, we need Carcillo or McGrattan back. Don’t get me wrong, I love Winnik and all he brings to this team but he really isn’t a fighter.
Well until Monday and Turco rolls into town!!

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