Saturday, January 17, 2009

I decided to see how much Byrz’s holiday mask went for. I got on and found the past auctions. His mask sold for 3,999. Wow. That is an awesome amount for charity!
Thursday night the Coyotes beat Vancouver 4-1. The Diva is responsible for Bryz/Z giving up that one goal. She decided to talk about the last time we got a shutout. I tried to tell her it was Dallas (hehe) but she wouldn’t listen and kept talking about it.

I thought the boys played really well. Mr. Klee was a shot blocking machine, Lucky Lindy almost struck gold (2 goals in the first and almost had a natural hat trick), and Bryz actually looked awake and ready to play.

There was a scary moment when Carcillo hit his head on the ice during a fight, but he was in practice yesterday and will play tonight. This fight has also been used in quite a few articles involving fights and if the players should wear helmets during them. I am not sure which direction the NHL should take, but the definitely need to leave the fighting in the game. Read more about it here.

Since this game was on Thursday night and I didn’t take notes, this is all the recap you get. I was going to write yesterday but never got around to it. I just didn’t have the attention span to sit down and write. I need deadlines and stuff or I put things off. I am the biggest procrastinator ever!
Tonight the Coyotes are in Calgary. I am trying to be optimistic about this one but given our track record, it is hard. The Diva is taking the opposite route as me and going for all out gloom and doom, check it out here.
Ok, that is all for me. I have a ton of stuff to do today, so I must get going.
Also, I have calmed down much since earlier this week. I am going to try to go the Zen-route about the whole Red Wings fans and Canadians* being jag-offs about my team.

*Please note, I do not think all Red Wings fans and/or Canadians are jog-offs but it is much easier to generalize as it seems to be the majority of what I have read recently.

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