Monday, January 12, 2009

Breaking News!! Hipchecks and the Diva can predict the future!!

Apparently me and the Diva are psychic. We have recently been predicting the moves the Coyotes are going to make before they are announced in the media.

The most recent? The call up of Steven Goertzen. We were at the game Saturday and the Diva spotted someone that she thought was Steven and we talked about how he could be the next call up. Then Dave Vest writes about the injury of Tiki and the possible call up of Winnik. He also mentioned that he wouldn’t be surprised if Goertzen was called up.

I emailed the Diva and said since she maybe spotted him Saturday and then the Vest column, don’t be surprised if that was actually him. Then we read today that he was called up.

The Coyotes so need to hire us. We apparently know what they are going to do before they do! And we would work cheap. One hockey player apiece (preferably Yandle and Carcillo). ;)


Carcillo13 said...

Really... we'd work for cheap. Though I would've advised them to call up Jonas Ahnelov. And we could've worked out a deal for him to be my payment. :D

hipcheck said...

Hrmmm, I bet we could broker that deal, especially with Sauer out.