Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hooters on Ice

I got quite a chuckle earlier this week when the RoadRunners announced their “Hooters on Ice” promotion for Tuesday nights game.

I guess they are having a bikini contest and crowning the first ever Ms. RoadRunner Hooters girl. There is also a “special on ice talent” contest. I am not sure what they mean by that. Does that mean skating or is it doing their talent (singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument etc) on ice?

This event does not bother me. I actually think it sounds hilarious and would go if I could. Mostly I am interested in seeing what the talent portion will be like. I would also like to know if these women know anything about hockey as I think for a hockey teams Ms contest, they should know something about the sport.

What makes it even more funny is all the people that complain(ed) about the Coyotes “pack” and how they wear nothing at games (pants and crop tops mostly) and that hockey is supposed to be a family friendly event blah blah blah. I also heard a lot of people saying they would start going to RoadRunners games because they were more family friendly and now they are doing this. HILARIOUS.

Oh I love it. Good luck finding a sporting event that doesn’t have hot chicks (or something there about) in skimpy clothes. They are at all sports, at all levels. It doesn’t make the event any less family friendly. It’s part of life and parents should be able to talk with their kids about what the girls are doing (supporting the team and trying to get the crowd going) and how they are wearing a uniform/costume.


Carcillo13 said...

Parents should teach their children early in life that sex sells... It's important that they know these things from a young age. I can't imagine how that conversation might go "yes son, you see... Daddy can't support the team unless there's a hot chick with the team logo written across her ass in spandex."

hipcheck said...

Ha! That wasn't exactly what I was thinking, but I guess that works too.

Carcillo13 said...

My previous comment was dripping sarcasm... LOL

hipcheck said...

hehe, I figured it was but I went with it!

Srsly though, how can a team survive without hot chicks with a logo on her bum? Or maybe the chest?