Saturday, November 22, 2008

Friday Night Fun Times with Hockey!

Last night was bitter sweet. I went to Cooperstown after work (had horrible service btw) to watch the first two periods of the Coyotes game. Carolina quickly went up 2-0 but the Coyotes were able to fight back and tie it up. Unfortunately Bryz did not play his best game. He looked slow and wasn’t quick to respond. He could have easily stopped some of those goals. I will blame the D when they deserve it, but this was all Bryz. He was looking sloppy at the end of the Blackhawks game (that shoot out was bad) and they should have rested him and played Telly. If Telly doesn’t play tonight, I am going to really wonder what Gretzky is thinking (or is he not thinking..?).

Staal got the hat trick and the Hurricanes ended up winning 5-2. We need to get our forwards to start scoring. Carcillo is trying. He is shooting that puck but he just can’t get it to go in the net. It will come, he just needs to relax. I don’t have too much more to say about the Coyotes game. They certainly didn’t play their best but it wasn’t their worst effort either. I still can’t believe Bryz was in.

Tonight the Coyotes take on the Flyers (yah, I still have a special place in my heart for that team). I hope they put Telly in, especially after that performance from Bryz. The flyers haven’t been doing that well this season and dirty Danny is still out (at least from what I saw last night during the game). I am not going to say this should be an easy win, because that means we will lose. I just hope the boys skate fast, hit hard and score some goals.

Last night I also went to the roadrunners game. It wasn’t looking so good to start. We got a new goalie from the AHL, Kyle Jones, who was awful. He let in 4 goals in the first period. Luckily the coaches were smart enough to pull him and play Goalie! in the second and third. This gave the guys a chance to come back, which they quickly did.

The roadrunners finally pulled ahead making it 6-5 with about 1 minute to go. It looked like they were going to win it but somehow the Condors found the back of the net, tying the game.

We went to OT and it was looking like a shoot out was going to happen but new Dman Dane Crowley scored with about 5 seconds left! This was an awesome game and made me forget about the Coyotes lost. I am so glad I went to this. There were some big hits and the refs really seemed to let the guys play. There were times when there should have been calls, but what can you do (besides the Hey Ref! You Suck! Cheer).

I must say, I did not like the Condors uniforms. On their numbers, they had Carl’s Jr. stars. It looked absolutely ridiculous. Well, they are part of the Anaheim Ducks/Iowa Chops family…that might explain some of it. :P

And finally, a picture of Goalie! So you can all see how he wears his socks. :)

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Ms. Conduct said...

That is weird with the socks! Thanks for the photo!