Saturday, November 29, 2008

Coyotes 2, Avalance 1

Oh what a game! I have to say, I love Telly in net. I even started a chant and had everyone around me doing it. The old guys next to us loved it. They even got in on it. After a great save we’d just go Tell-E, Tell-E. It was fantastic. He got the first star of the game and totally deserved it.

Dmo started it off with a goal early in the first. For being out with an injury, he came back with a bang.

It seems our guys play better in front of Telly. All of our dmen seem to really step up ther game.

We really need to work on the face-offs. It is a little sad how pathetic we are in this department.

Again, people are freaking out over Jokinen’s injury. They are saying we just got lucky there last two games and happened to have a hot goalie. I don’t think it’s luck but we will see what happens tonight when we take on the San Jose Sharks.

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