Friday, November 14, 2008

Call to San Antonio Rampage Fans

Ok, after much googling, I have come to the conclusion that the Rampage must not have a lot of fans. Or they don’t have very many passionate fans. Or their fans are just to busy to blog about hockey. I have looked for blogs written by fans over my lunch hour and a half and all I could find was a couple of blogs that haven’t been updated since 2007. Now I know people are busy, but I can’t believe how difficult it is to find one up-to-date fan blog for the Rampage. I know the Aeros have a couple (I am a reader of a couple of them and I came across a lot of stuff for them when searching for Rampage).

I did find two blogs that are up to date. One is from the Rampage radio announcer:
It is cute but hasn’t been updated since he spilled hot chocolate on Matt Jones on the plane. I will definitely blog roll it since it may provide some good information once he puts up a new entry.

I also found the blog for what appears to be the city of San Antonio:
His latest blog entry made me realize the Coyotes were not the only team to come up with a stupid marketing phrase. The Coyotes have Be Coyote Cool, while the Rampage gets We Will Rampage. Wow. I wonder if they brainstormed those together... This will also be added to my blog roll. The writer seems very knowledgeable of the team.

It seems I have not been following the Rampage at all. As it turns out, the Rampage has only won 2 of their 13 games. What is going on down there? Is it a coaching issue, defensive/offensive/goaltending issue? Looks like I have some research to do. I am also going to continue to look for Rampage blogs. They have to be out there somewhere!

And if anyone out there has (or comes across) an updated Rampage fan blog please share with me.

And look for an entry on the Coyotes at Minnesota game from last night. I started it last night, but did not have the heart to finish it.


Ms. Conduct said...

Wow, I don't usually start paying attention to standings until later in the season and didn't realize how hard up they are. The Yotes have pulled a lot of their best players up, I guess.

hipcheck said...

Yah, I don't follow the standings this early either, but I read that in a blog and it kind of shocked me. I didn't realize they were doing so badly!

They have some promising talent down there, so I am not sure what the deal is. I think we lost a lot of AHL veteran presence over the summer.

Hopefully Andrew's responses answer some of my questions. I am going to have to do some reading and digging on my own though. I am confuzled. :)