Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Saturday the Coyotes lost to Montreal. I only really saw the first period. I kind of saw/heard the second period and completely missed the third. It wasn’t the best Coyotes game but Doan was able to score on his cousin. I am not sure why Gretzky didn’t play McGrattan. We could have used him in the lineup. Sauer laid a hit on Andrei K. and it may have been a bit questionable (I didn’t have the best internet feed) but was not malicious, so Montral was after him. BGL asked Sauer to go and he declined. He did go later with a player more his size. BGL went with Fedoruk, but Fridge didn’t have much of a chance (but yay! Fridge for taking the challenge).

Saturday night I went to a Roadrunners game. I am loving this team. They played their other goalie and he seems solid too. Victoria started their other goalie, who is much better than the guy they played Friday. Roadrunners won this one. Rome was in the penalty box like crazy. He was hitting everyone and fighting. These games are so intense!

Also, I went on Sunday. They ended up losing this game, but they put forth a good effort. They also played the goalie from Friday night. He is just so much fun to watch. At one point he did something (excellent stick handling) and I yelled, “Hey goalie I liked that!” and he turned and raised his stick a bit. I’m pretty sure he heard me.

After the game, my friend skated on the ice with some of the players. She talked with a few of them (Campbell and Rome). Winnik was there watching and talking to the guys. It was a fun time. I must get skates before the next skate. That and learn how to stop. Or I could just run into a player.

The Roadrunners went 2-1 in the series. I would say that is not bad, not bad at all. We are going to try and make it to this Fridays game and are definitely going on Halloween.

Thursday night the Caps make their way to arena. Telly is going to get the start and Carcillo will be back in the line-up.

Also, to the person using bypassthat…I do not publish anonymous comments if I do no know who they are from.

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