Monday, October 6, 2008

I went skating and to practice

Ok, I don’t know how these hockey players do what they do. Oi am I stiff today! I went skating yesterday and my abs, arms and legs are stiff. That and it’s probably the most exercise I’ve done in the past couple of months. My friend tried to teach me how to stop. I was pretty good going slow, not so good going fast. I boarded myself trying to stop while going fast. Oops. That was the only time I fell though, so I did pretty good.

I went to practice today. Ahnelov, Mueller and possibly Rhino were MIA. I just read that Ahnelov will start the season on IR with a hand injury. Since him and Mueller were missing from practice and Mueller didn’t play the last preseason game, I am wondering if he might have a slight injury. Just speculating here.
They did an interesting drill that I haven’t seen before. Three forwards and 2 dmen had their sticks the correct way and were trying to score but the other 2 dmen and 3 forwards had their sticks the wrong way. They had to use the other end to try and stop the puck. It was quite fun to watch.
Also, Fridge totally took Jovo out like 3 times in the drill. It was hard to tell but Jovo looked about ready to kill him.
The skating coach worked a little more with Hanzal and McGrattan. Hanzal doesn’t look to be in as much pain as he was a week or so ago.


Ms. Conduct said...

Sounds like you're a natural! Stopping is hard. Keep at it! And stretch! :)

Woohoo! I love to hear my Fridgy laying the hits, baby. I miss him. Regular season needs to start so I can see him play.

Anonymous said...

Stretching... oh poo-- we shoulda done that... lol. You were awesome... very adept at steering clear of falling kids/parents/both.


hipcheck said...

Yah.. I forgot about stretching. I guess there is a reason the guys do it, and it isn't for our sake :P

Yah, we need to rent the ice for just us. haha Or maybe we should get that fake ice. I could do that in the backyard instead of a pool.

The Virgin said...

Wow, 13 bonus points for skating with other people on the ice! Good for you chicita!

Do you have plan for your growing skating skills?

hipcheck said...

My plan is to go whenever Michelle invites me. And maybe someday, when I get sick of renting skates, I might buy a pair.