Saturday, October 25, 2008

Flames 4 - Coyotes 1

Tonight the Coyotes lost to the Calgary flames 4-1. It was not the coyotes best (although, hardly the worst that they have played). They were just flat. They seemed to have no energy and absolutely no offense tonight.

Telly stood on his head. Yah he let in 3 goals, but it could have been so much worse (the 4th was an empty netter). Congrats to Fridge for getting his first goal of the season!

I don’t have much else to say about this game. I am wondering if their play tonight is any reflection of their morning skate. The guys were having too much fun and not doing anything really productive. I don’t have a problem with having some fun, but maybe they were goofing around a little too much.

Apparently the Coyotes really liked the picture of me and Carcillo on my blog, as they took it and used it in their Rookie STH presentation.

Next up, Thursday Sidney Crosby and the rest of the Penguins come to town. It will be nice to see Ziggy and Billy T but I hope we can get the win. Also, Brooks Orpik should prove to be fun to watch.

Ok, well my brownies are almost done, so I am out!


The Virgin said...

I don't know about your too-much-fun theory. Prior to the Capitals game, I recall the warm ups and some of the guys (even big mean McGratton) looking like little kids playing their favorite game. Of course I was in a bit of a nostalgic mood. Thinking about the youngun's and how they're pretty close to college age. And that college boys are fun.

hipcheck said...

Ahhh, yes, that was fun times but this was a little bit different.

You must not have been around for the telling of the story. I will tell it to you tonight, I don't want to publish it on the interwebz. It looked as if a couple of the young men may have been showing off a bit and not really taking practice seriously.

And McGrattan was having a good time too shooting the puck at the equipment boy. Big Mac was cracking up.